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Please note: if you are a late degrees Aries Ascendant you may want to read the sign that covers most of your 1st house which in your case would be Taurus which helps with depicting transits to the appropriate houses and is much more accurate for you.

The month of February will be a much more quiet and reflective time than in January. As a matter of fact you will hear these words much throughout this months horoscope. 

Although part of you may still want to be out with others with the Sun still lighting up your 11th house of friends, but last month may have been too much and many of you are recovering from so much action with others. 

This month you will want to be away from it all. 

This is a excellent month to focus on spirituality and all things metaphysical. 

Some of you may need to pay a visit to the hospital, or doctor if not for you someone you know. If this is not the case, you may choose to visit a sanctuary, church, or spiritual place in which you can retreat. Or perhaps simply make your own sanctuary at home. 

With all these planets collected in your 12th house, it's time for you to nourish yourself, and get Lot's of rest. 

You may find yourself more tired than usual anyhow, so rent some movies, take baths, and soothe your soul. This is your time, spend it in a calm and peaceful environment and recharge your batteries, for next month will be very active, and you can burn yourself out.  

With the large collecting of Planets in your solar 12th house, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune, you likely be quite comfortable staying home. This is not usually easy for a fiery character like you Aries, but I can tell you it's a good idea everyone needs some down time, and the universe is asking you to take it. 

This will be a very private Valentines day for you, not that Valentines day isn't private. However, if you are in a long term relationship you and your loved one, can expect a warm, sensitive and pleasant time, you may even choose to order in some fine foods rather than go out because you just don't feel like being in a crowed. 

 However, if you do choose to go out, with the Moon in your 9th house on this day, you will desire to try something new a new spot, with something different, preferably something foreign or exotic in which will satisfy your taste buds.

Jupiter has been making love easy or at least easier for you up until he turned Retrograde. While retrograde in your 5th house if your relationship or love life hasn't been meeting your expectations, it's a good time to talk about what you expect and need from each other and start anew when Jupiter resumes forward motion if roughly 5 months. If you are single it looks like you missed someone, and now with Jupiter Retrograde you are having another chance to cross paths, you do need to get out and meet people, because Jupiter's tour through your 5th house will bring you true love, but you do need to do your part. 

With Jupiter Retrograde however, many of you might be thinking deeply about the relationship your in, and questioning it's validity. It's ok take the time to work it out that's what retrogrades are for, they give us another chance to do things right.

If you both can't see eye to eye a break up is possible, but isn't it for it's best then? If your relationship is strong you will only deepen it. Things don't break that are strong.

With Saturn the planet of structure, and restrictions moving into your 9th house, travel can be complicated, blocked or include difficulties so if you do travel take extra precautions. The 9th house is also about higher learning, and philosophy along with religion and life's big questions. You will be seeking a new outlook over the next two years, and will want to dive into much of the above. Some of you may go back to school, or utilize the Internet for the answers you seek.

Overall it will be a peaceful and perhaps quiet month, where you will have the time to rest up, get healthy, and nurture yourself. Take care of yourself!

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