Monday, June 11, 2012



You may feel a pressing need to reassess what it is you want to accomplish this month and you will be reminded of this, but also supported in doing so around the 12th-25th of this month. Although you are not normally impractical, you can set your expectations much higher of yourself than need be so by not expecting so much of yourself you can eliminate many of the daunting tasks that really have no real benefit to you. 

With the current energies this month it is very possible that you can get into some altercations with friends, or perhaps eliminating friends that no longer serve your betterment. Others can demand more of you now as well, so setting your priorities realistically and not taking on more than you can handle will be key.

Mid month you should feel a new rush of clarity and focus on what it is you want to accomplish long term. You will see a improvement in your communicating abilities, and will feel much more confident in what it is you have to say. 

You will be letting go of a lot of preconditioning this month which is absolutely fabulous, freeing up a slew of new positive ideas and beliefs. You will let go of alot of self criticism and judgement of others as you are learning that what you believe is your reality, as you see your beliefs manifest this month, stay mindful of what they are. 

Creativity and ideas are something much more to you than ever before and you are starting to trust your intuitions and hunches much more. Although you may have some spaced out moments which is absolutely not your usual self, you will find that you uncover a lot on a metaphorical sense, and come to new truths. 

All month, you're especially self-motivated with energetic Mars in your sign. You will take charge now, and present yourself as a leader. With this extra energy you need to take advantage of it to do anything that you have been putting off. Getting exercises or starting a new work out regime will be a very positive use of this extra energy. 

You may need to practice some self-control, as you can easily feel bored or impatient as well, Mars can make one feel as so, so watch out for a possible temper tantrum, or taking out aggression on others around you. This is why staying active is so important. 

If you are a very busy person normally you will find this energy very helpful. However, Conflicts with others  are more likely when Mars is challenged, but these may very well motivate you to become more self-reliant, and this can be something you need at this time in your life.

 The last week of November will be a excellent time for love and romance if you are currently involved, but also good for any spiritual endeavors, or taking some time to yourself to rest from all the energy you used this month. You can make big strides this month and get a lot done, so please don't waste it. You will be happy when you finally kick your feet up near month end and see all that you accomplished. What a great feeling!

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