Monday, June 4, 2012


Sagittarius OCTOBER 2014

If you are a late degree Ascendant please see the next sign which would cover most of  your 1st house for accurate transits in your case, please see Capricorn as well.

OCTOBER is a very energetic month in which you can accomplish much. Finally the daze is lifting and you can start to focus and make big headway on any of your projects you wish to accomplish this month. With Mars in your 1st house you will have the energy and will to get things done. The big news late last month was Pluto's direct motion, and for you he is working through your 2nd house of earned income. Pluto puts the heat on, turns your desires up and sometimes it's through lack that we finally are willing to do what it takes to change the situation. There a chance of a decent unexpected windfall this month or maybe it's through something you have been working on while Pluto was Rx for the past 6 months. Whatever the case money is on your mind and because you have the energy and desire to grow your resources chances are you will this month and for the time that Pluto is in this house.

This month will also be a great social month for those of you that have been feeling like loners lately, your desire to get out and meet people will become apparent, early this month with Venus the goddess of love and benefits, moving into and through your 11th house of friends, groups, associations. You may meet some new and interesting people, or at least spend more time with the friends you do have. You will be much more open to social activities and people will find you charming and easy to get a long with. Along with Venus Octobers Sun will also occupy your 11th house making it all the better to meet and socialize with new people. People will take a liking to you so if you have agenda you need approval on now is the time.

For those of you that have not had the opportunity to travel, no worries another opportunity is sure to present itself to you mid month, and until December 8th when Jupiter the planet of travel will turn Retrograde motion. So now until then is a excellent time to plan a vacation, or at least go somewhere new and exciting even if it's not so far away. 

Your mind may still be in a slight fog, or at least very sensitive to the more spiritual side of things, and although you have many social opportunities this month, with Mercury in your solar 12th house it may be a good idea to allow yourself some down time, to get in touch with this side. You're unconscious mind will be readily available for you to tap into, which can help shine light on any issues you may have been holding in. You're not quite out of Saturn's reigns and your 12th house but you are nearing it. As always with Saturn's transit he seeks to solidify through shining the light and the truth on situations, it's not always comfortable to become so aware, but it is highly beneficial. 

You will be feeling the pressure to get things moving, and you will be given the tools it takes to do so. Get focused write a plan of attack, and take the initiative the universe is supporting you.

Your birth-time is critical to getting your personal transit report accurate. If you were like your personal transit report please see: Reports and Consultations to get yours.

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