Sunday, July 7, 2013



Early in the month you can experience some minor delays, blockages or problems within the area of career, but it's really so that you can focus your energy on getting your ideas put together or work on something else that you may have put on hold. 

You will actually be moving quite quickly this year, making a lot of progress. So plan during this down time to make the most of it. This down time is best used to learn new talents, make plans for your career and future, or winning the approval of others. Usually when things slow down it's so we can regroup or refocus and even redirect our energy to better accomplish our goals. So don't let this concern you consider it a blessing in disguise.

From mid-month forward, your financial picture most certainly will improve so don't let the delays now concern you. You are so use to helping others and brining out there talents that you have very much ignored your own, now you are seeing that if you invest this energy in yourself and have more faith in your own talents you will find your own reward.

As the month progresses, things will start to pick up and your own personal happiness will take on a greater importance and you learn to focus less on others and put more energy into your own goals. With Mars in your 12th house for the entire month,  there could be emphasis on pulling away from others temperarily and taking this time for yourself. Much of the work that you do will be behind the scenes. This is excellent for mining your own talents, and learning to maximize on them so when Mars moves into your first house to can take forward action, with all that extra energy and determination.

Although planets in the 12th house can slow your energy down, it's ok allow yourself the break, take time to relax, as I said earlier you will have more than enough energy when Mars leaves your 12th and moves into your 1st on December 4th. Get organized and write out plans now and work at your own pace.

Around the  last week of November all relationships will recieve a positive beam of energy, in which you may even patch up or renew, or get in touch with a friend of the past or a friend. If you are involved your relationship will recieve benefits as well, and you can expect pleasant interactions and even more romance. If you are single then this is a good time, to get out and network, you will likely meet someone that set's off your sirens, and that you will connect with on many different levels. Socializing is favored so get out, relationships are beneficial and all business contacts should run smoothly. So take a break for the 1st part of the month and organize, structure or make plans for later this month when things pick up tremendously and work in your favor.

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