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As a couple, you are both eager to express the way you feel and are not afraid to let each other know how you feel when you feel it. It was likely to be a relationship that started rather quickly. Others see the two of you as a passionate and fearless couple. You both enjoy enterprising and exploring new things together. You may even have a healthy dose of competition between you, which adds to the sexual attraction. You are an energetic couple, that will be happy be active together in many different activities.


You both enjoy the finer things that life has to offer, and this is not only monetary but simple pleasures as well. Others will see you as a reliable couple that projects warmth and security. You are not the showy types you prefer to lay low and enjoy your simple pleasures without others knowing. You can be possessive of each other and sex will be very important to your emotional health of the relationship. Security and loyalty are at the center of your relationship and you are both likely to be loyal to one another. Deep sensuality, loyalty and security color your relationship.


The two of you could talk about everything and anything and are likely to be quite chatty. Others will see you as a fun, vibrant couple, that has their hands in a little of everything. You will probably be a trendy couple, wanting to mix and mingle at the latest cool restaurants, shops or nightlife. You will enjoy studying many different subjects together, always exploring something new. You will be a couple that others can come to for entertainment since you are both more than likely always up to something.


You are very sensitive to each others feelings and will like to nurture and care for one another. Others will look to you as the couple to go to for moral support or good friends to turn to. You can both be moody at times and easily hurt so it's important that you learn to be direct with your partner about how it is you really feel. There is a worry of being passive aggressive, which will do no good to either of you. You will more than likely set up home together, or enjoy your time, cuddling, cooking or being around family.


As a couple you love to be in the limelight, you are both highly expressive individuals and probably very creative. You could be emotionally demanding or high maintenance, so you do need to watch out for this. You will both enjoying being around children or perhaps raising a family together is on the agenda. Other's will see you as a couple that projects confidence, and radiate positive energy. You will love to be in the spotlight together, and will likely be quite a social couple. On the negative you could care too much about what others think of how you project yourselves which can cause unnecessary stress on the relationship.


You won't be overly demonstrative, and you may show your affections for each to her through being helpful rather than buying gifts. You will both enjoy helping each other in economical ways, or by being of service to each other, and your friends together. This won't be the most romantic relationship emotions will be modest and somewhat controlled, but it will have it's moments of sweetness that let each other know, that your feelings although are easily expressed they are shown and sincere.


You two are the classy socialites always diplomatic with others. Your partnership will be fair, equal, and you will take the time to listen to each other's needs and do your best to be sure they are met. You will likely share your relationship with many other couples and friends. Other people will appreciate your ability to understand every side to a situation and will likely come to the both of you for advice on relationships, or partnerships. You will have many intellectual conversations and conversations on how to have a successful partnership. It is also possible that the two of you choose to work together.


Powerful, intense and sexy is how other's see you. Emotional intensity will color the theme of your relationship. The two of you may need to take breaks from each other from time to time because of the intensity of your relationship. Your relationship is deeply penetrating, and extremely sensual and not light and fluffy. There tends to be very strong sexual desires with this aspect that you need to be sure to seek balance in other areas or you can burn each other out, with a fire this hot. You will enjoy uncovering mysteries, seeking deep truths together and will be very protective of the love you both have for each other.


Adventurous and optimistic would probably best describe you as a couple. Other's will take notice and even gravitate towards the two of you to catch some of it. Travel and exploration will be a large part of your relationship for the two of you love to seek out new adventures together. This Moon sign indicates a fun and expansive relationship of course other factors need to apply. You will be lucky while out together, so there is an advantage to spending as much time together as possible and you likely will. You will both be passionate and your love life together will be romantic, expansive and fun.


You two are like a slick black car, all shiny and polished. You come across to others, as more serious and perhaps business like. You both are probably high achievers, in which you share a common goal on building things together. Passion might be slow since you are both much more focused on a long-term goal together. You will both be very reliable to one another, consistent and trustworthy. You will receive respect and admiration from others. Your love for one another will grow stronger with time.


This can indicate an emotional coolness, but that's not always the case. More than likely the two of you are not only lovers but also very good friends. You are quite a unique couple to where you enjoy being social, or part of a group together. You will probably allow a certain amount of freedom to pursue your dreams in this relationship or will be very social together. You may find yourself involved in philanthropic ventures, charities or humanitarian efforts to where the both of you feel like you are making a positive difference in the world. Sex will be an adventure always up for trying something new. You will probably be best friends and lovers.


The two of you may have felt like you just walked out of a romantic novel. Romance is a big part of your relationship. The two of you may have many spiritual outlets in which you are involved or interested. You will be sensitive to each others feelings. Others will see you as a dreamy couple, and perhaps whimsical in some way, or hard to pin down to any particular. You will be sensitive to others problems and will always be willing to help when you can. Glossing over any difficulties is likely which helps keep things sweet. 

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