Saturday, July 6, 2013


love2.jpg (500×481)You are in love with the romantic ambiance, of your relationship together. Your manners of expressing your love for each other, are expressed with ease. You have very similar tastes in style, music, and the arts. You more than likely feel the same sense of values, and because of this you are emotionally fulfilled with each other. This is also an indication of a love, pure and simple. You will feel good in each other's presence, not only do you love each other, but you genuinely like one another!The Venus person loves showing affection to the Moon person and will likely make the Moon person feel adored and safe.  The Moon person is highly attracted to the Venus person, and will love spoiling the Venus person with fine gifts of appreciation. They are likely to share good family relations, and living together will bring them much happiness. Lovely aspect for cordial relations and romance.

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