Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Sensitive areas will be the focus this month, Money, Home, Family and Love will all be areas in which you will need to exert much effort. Financial matters might be at the forefront, but you will have a opportunity to overcome these and even open up some cash by taking the time needed to reevaluate where you spend your money and why? Although you most certainly may be concerned about some financial matters you will be fortunate enough this month make a difference and to heal some family problems as well.

First however, you may have some difficulties to deal with this month with Venus, the Sun, and Mercury connecting to Saturn which tends to add burden, and in connection with Venus a slowing on the income front my be inevitable, but not enough to cause a major concern. This month is really  about restructuring your spending habits and cutting back your current spending to make this month easier to manage and may even open us some extra money.  

The good news is around the 6th a Career opportunity or some good PR about you, can help you achieve more this month. Things will be working in your favor just be patient.

 Although some confusion may have been about with regards to setting boundaries with others, you have been learning a valuable lesson with regards to what's really important to you. You are normally a person that can put much into what others say, and now you are truly coming into your own. You don't need other's approval at this time, you only need your own. 

 You're turning a corner now and although there is work at hand, you have a opportunity to clear up a lot this month if you use Saturn's energy constructively- which rewards are only earned through hard work. 

Take your steps carefully, and make plans now. Don't let matters get the best of you, remain positive and know if you do the work, the reward is at hand. 

Some of you may have had to rely on others heavily for assistance or your self esteem might be lower than your usual positive sunny self. It's important that you focus on the many talents that you do have and not what you are lacking for that will only perpetuate the lack of self esteem you need to pull through and make a positive change. You need to pull from your solar center now, and build your confidence back up to take on these challenges and overcome them. 

Procrastination on finances and dependencies are nearing an end but you must take the proper steps to remain positive but also take courageous action. 

All month, you will also feel a new found energy to focus on work  health routines as well so use this energy to build your body and your self esteem, when you work out you feel confident. Let the Lion back out! 
While tension can run high, it will also push you to make a change in your life for the better and also push you to new heights in career. 

 From the 16th on, your personal appeal will receive a boost and love matters will be high on the list. You have a excellent opportunity to take a love relationship to the next level if applicable. More fun will be opening up for you next month, so do the work now. 

The last week of November you will feel a rejuvenation  into your life. The Sun, your ruler, is now in mutual reception with Jupiter, this is one of the most creative and expressive periods of the year, and for many, the most romantic.

This is a general forecast, remember not all Leo's are the same so for you personalized forecast specific to you, please see my reports page.

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