Thursday, June 14, 2012


Elizabeth Taylor an Richard Burton's had pluto in the 8th house composite

Pluto in the 8th house of a composite is a deep, sexual and spiritual bond. Sex is not superficial it is deep and transcendental. Pluto isn't about the light and fluffy experience. He loves to pit himself against every odd and overcome it. He is a formidable force of getting down and dirty in a  effort to get the truth. The 8th house is a powerful psychological house that requires the demolition of the old and building a new "to be re-born" into a much better version of YOU. The 8th house involves all sorts of dark topics like, Sex, death,and money. This is usually money received from not so nice means. It's the money you get from a death called inheritance, it's the money of a Sugar Daddy, that always comes with a price, it is also the tax collector, and where you need to pay the piper. It is also the house of trauma, karma, and unexplained forces that feel like fate.  It's the house of deep change through  powerful experience. This is the house of extremes. 

"Pluto is the higher octave of mars, he represents total fixed and obsessive energy that is in search of transformation, through "intense experience." 

In a composite Pluto in the 8th house is where the two of you together, obsess, probe, and experience deep bonding and transformation. 

Communication of Secrets, Purging and healing

You are likely to discuss very heavy subjects, all the things are are normally hidden come to the surface easily and without hesitation. You will explore each other's psyche in hopes to gain a deeper understanding each of you really are. This is the part of our inner psyche that we have experienced the harsh realities that were life altering in some way. Our family secrets, sexual secrets, taboos, and unexplained supernatural occurrences. Pluto in the 8th of the composite allows both individuals to purge themselves of their secrets to each other which allows for deep healing. To be able to be so open with someone, whether consciously or unconsciously, is such a liberating feeling and one of the best healers around. To be loved unconditionally, To be accepted for who you are and understood for what you have been through, is immeasurable. 


Sex in this house covers a lot of different sex, from the obsessive to the taboo,  it's not really the romantic, love making, light and fluffy sex that the 5th house offers. It's aggressive and primal and all encompassing.

There can be outside circumstances that test the two of you on a sexual level as well since Pluto is about finding the "truth". You may face sexual problems together such as temporary impotence, or other possible sexual disorders that you would both need to overcome. Pluto is obsession so sexual obsession is common, however it is not  the compulsive kind that Pluto typically is responsible for. When Pluto is in his own house he tends to operate differently. Sex is a force that drives the couple, You are much more open with each other sexually and can spend much of your sexual energy exploring each other's body, just as much as the actual sex act itself. Exploring each other's likes and dislikes are very comfortable for the couple. It is as if you are both naked in each other's eyes , there are no secrets, lies or shame.


Money will be of importance and together you have a strong ability to draw in money from other's so this is a very good placement to start a business. However this is not a mere business relationship this is a empowering relationship. The blending of resources to empower yourselves is part of the agenda for Pluto in this house. You will both be a force to reckon with when it comes to you achieving your goals as a team. Other's will take notice and probably invest in any business venture you decide to begin. Money will be your driving force, you will either love it and become obsessed with it, or you will hate it. This is the house of extremes remember??

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  1. Well Said! I have this with my love o f 5yrs and it is intense! and I agree with you exactly!

  2. Thank you for visiting, very deep placement, you will both transform and you will also as a couple have the opportunity to transform others. Intense is the only way Pluto will have it! Enjoy:)

  3. Great Post! you just confirmed exactly what I was feeling with Pluto in my 8th composite with my bf. Thanks for putting it into words! xo

  4. Thank you for visiting Elizabeth! Your welcome, glad you agree:) I have this with my bf also:)

  5. is it the same if someone have in composite pluto in scorpio?

    1. It would be very similar Yes, but having the Planet energy of Pluto there would be a bit more intense.

  6. My boyfriend and I have a packed 8th house with Pluto, Sun, Jupiter and Uranus there, with Mercury just on the cusp in the 9th house. We also have a 4th house moon and a 2nd house Venus, with Venus Opposition Sun. Along with that, we have the universe's gift of a grand trine between the moon, pluto and our ascendant. The relationship is just 3 months in but it is the best, most intimate and easy relationship I've ever had. :) 8th house is where it's at!!!