Sunday, July 1, 2012


Events and circumstances this month push you in a positive direction of taking better care of yourself. along with structuring your day to day activities to allow yourself to be much more efficient. Saturn in your 6th house can really make one feel out of balance, and often signals a change in health habits. This is great because you can get much more accomplished when your feeling great. 

 You will want to get organized big time, and clear out the clutter and cut back on time spent on the unnecessary. You do need to watch for overworking, and burning yourself out as well. Even more the reason you need to sift through what's working and what is not. This is also a excellent time to kick a bad habit if you have one, or begin working out and eating a healthier diet. As you start to feel better you can feel more confident and perhaps even use your time more wisely allowing you more free time to use some of your talents that you may not have been able to because of a lack of time. 

Mars in your solar eighth house all month which will increase your desire to make changes. While those of you involved may see a increase in your sex life, and those of you that are single will most certainly wish you had one this is most certainly a time, that you can find one but it may be with a ultra intense partner. The 8th house is not only of sex but it's also extremely psychological so you may find yourself digging deep for solutions to past problems this month as well. You will find yourself interested in all things secretive and your choice of movies will more than likely be on the detective, psychological, or horror side. You will feel stronger but may have to deal with some shady characters as well, so watch out for those. 

 Watch for boundary issues or frustrations with friends towards mid-month. Power struggles are possible now. This is a great month to tackle any financial problems you may have been experiencing. You will be more focused to take action with regards to your finances.

As far as Career and your public appearance near the end of the month a issue that has been confusing you will clear up and you will finally see it for what it is. You are rebuilding your faith in others and in the world, it will not be over night for Neptune's transit through your Public sector will be for many years so baby steps is the key.  

Near the end of the month your social life, love life and relationships with other's will be at a all time high, you will be actively communicating and getting around town to see nearby neighbors. Love will deepen if you are involved and your relationships should have a warm and cozy feel.

Of course this is only a small part of the deal, you need to know your birth-time for a specific analysis pertaining to you. You can order a one year personalized report from my reports page because every Gemini is unique. 

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