Sunday, September 2, 2012


November is ALL about taking care of business. Money will be on your mind and you may need to get serious about making money or growing your income. You will feel you don't have enough and although this may not be true it doesn't hurt to help build a secure nest egg if you don't already have one.

Some of you may experience something that forces this issue to the top of the list, so be diligent in your endeavors. You will experience some delays early in the month but this will trigger a sense of urgency which is often what we need to get our butts moving.

Although you have been ultra busy with just the basics the daily routine and getting organized you will need to make room for time to spend on restructuring your finances.

The big news of Neptune turning direct this month, you will receive some insight or clarity into your pitfalls and might be able to make a solid plan on how to organize and clear things up.

You need to clear your mind by getting your life in better order, nothing helps more than doing so, and this month you will have the energy to do so.

Meanwhile home and family will be pulling at your strings as well and demanding you give more into that area. This is more of a pleasure than anything else because relations with them will be ultra sweet. If you do have any family issues in which you need to handle do so with diplomacy to avoid any unnecessary stress or drama, although you are already the pro on diplomacy so I won't go on with that.

It's important that you also release any anger or resentments you have from people or situations of the past, and now would be a good time, to open up and let go.

Try to spend more time at home, and make your living situation as comfortable as can be. You need the support right now because you have a lot on your plate. Once your home is running smoothly all else will fall into place.

All will improve near the end of the month so get what needs to be done done, and prioritize your time. Near month end and all of next month will be much better for relationships and communicating with friends, this month focus on home and securing your financial situation to your advantage.

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