Sunday, July 1, 2012

Neptune's Motionless and set to resume Direct Motion

Neptune is practically motionless all-day November 15th, 2014, Officially shifting from retrograde to direct tonight (11:07 PM). Feelings of closure, endings, clearings, or washing away. Neptune's direct motion will inspire romance and creativity. We bring our dreams back into perspective. Check the house Neptune was Rx and see (Planets retrograding the houses)

During Neptune Retrograde

During this time, you may have to face a few reality checks in the areas in which Neptune is transiting. Neptune's veil is lifted and sometimes some painful truths come to light. Neptune rule the 12th house of endings so make peace with all that ails you and begin a new cycle. While Neptune is direct apply discernment to your choices, be compassionate but wise, don't just take things as they appear, always seek for truth.  Illusions tend to show themselves.  

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