Tuesday, January 1, 2013



If you are a Aquarius late degree Ascendant please check out the next sign that will be occupying most of your 1st house for timing of transits which in your case is Pisces.

The month of October's focus is about close partnerships, you will need to make a decision about either solidifying or breaking away. Many of you that are already involved in a partnership will find yourself at a cross roads, "to be or not to be". If your relationship is on solid ground then chances are you will  making a much more solid commitment and in some cases getting married. With Jupiter in your 7th house of Marriage, it will be on your mind and even if your not at the point you will want to set a direction of your relationship. 

For those of you that are single, you will have some opportune times to meet your partner this year, so take your time but definitely get out to meet people. The big news this month is Pluto's direct motion, he has been laying off the intensity for the past 6 months, and now he's back on. He will be making a Square to Venus which may complicate love matters, it's important to not act compulsively at this time be sure to think things through before making any rash decisions. 

For Aquarians this purging, and breaking down energy has been transpiring in your 12th house which can be a heavy emotional time. Pluto likes to dig up things that are hidden away, and this house is the house of hidden things. Many deeply buried fears may have been coming to the surface, along with unconscious behaviors or thoughts that have been holding you back. Your mind is deeply emerged into the darker more compulsive sides and you are being given a opportunity to face these fears once and for all. 

The month begins with the Sun and Venus in your solar 9th house of long distance travel, higher learning, philosophy and religion. Many new insights will be coming to you so pay attention there is a lot to learn. Many of you might be taking a nice vacation away with a loved one, or with friends and family. A desire to expand your mind by learning something new will be prevalent. For those of you that are writers you may have a opportunity to publish something you have been working on, as well as any business that involves international exchange or clients will do really well this month. 

Mid month you get sudden insights into a matter at hand, perhaps via email, or mail with Uranus in your 3rd house of communication. You are welcome to try out some new and unusual place nearby, since Uranus loves when you mix things up. You may also have a unexpected unusual encounter with someone near by. 

Friends will be taking up some energy this month as well, with Mars in your 11th house of friends. It's possible you spend more time, visiting friends, catching up or developing new friends. Sometimes friends may have a lot going on and your invited so your calendar is likely to be popping with all sorts of social events. This is amplified early in the month because the Moon will join mars making your visits all the sweeter.

Money matters might be murky for the early part of the month but you will see improvement mid month so try to stay positive even when it may look bleak. Be careful about making investments at this time, because Neptune blurs the lines and you may end up with a bad deal. However, with Neptune retrograde you do have a better chance of seeing things more clear so, I prefer if you are going to invest you do it during Neptune's Retrograde motion.  With Neptune in this house all things spiritual, metaphysical, or glamorous are more favored so try to stay within these areas. 

In areas of Career things are beginning to crystallize so you should have a better idea of the direction you are taking. You may experience some set backs only to make you dot your I's and cross your T's. Things you do are under Saturn's Scrutiny, so be sure to always put your best foot forward in whatever house he occupies. Saturn makes you work for what you get, so if you put the proper effort and do your best you will be rewarded.

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