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BASIC--Individuality, what one really is, vitality, will, chief ambitions, those in authority, men.
POSITIVE--Generosity, dignity.
NEGATIVE--Despotism, arrogance, ostentation, lack of ambition, animalistic qualities.


BASIC--Personality, imagination, instinctual mind, emotions, change, fecundation, the people, women.
POSITIVE--Positive psychic qualities, personal magnetism.
NEGATIVE--Negativeness, visionariness, dreaming, vacillation, frivolity, fretfulness, procrastination, indecision, incorrect impressions.


BASIC--Reason; self-expression of all kinds; speaking, writing, gestures; knowledge through reason.
POSITIVE--Quick-wittedness, eloquence, literary ability, dexterity.
NEGATIVE--Restlessness, gossip, profanity, demagogy, dishonesty, deceit, nervousness, worry, indecision, forgetfulness, clumsiness.


BASIC--Attraction, cohesion, coalition, personal love, social instincts and activities, art, ornamentation, beauty.
POSITIVE--Harmony, artistic ability, cheerfulness, suavity.
NEGATIVE--Sensuality, dissoluteness, vulgarity, sloth, laziness, sentimentality, vanity, inconstancy.


BASIC--Dynamic energy.
POSITIVE--Constructiveness, courage, enterprise, enthusiasm, gallantry.
NEGATIVE--Combativeness, friction, temper, destructiveness, passion, lustfulness, impulsiveness, audacity, coarseness, egotism.


BASIC--Expansion, vision, optimism, ideation, orthodox religious tendencies.
POSITIVE--Benevolence, broad-mindedness, executive ability, legal ability, respect for law, honor, charity, reverence, conservatism, opulence, popularity, success.
NEGATIVE--Overconfidence, extravagance, indolence, prodigality, showiness, bombast, dissipation, sportiness, lawlessness, procrastination.


BASIC--Contraction, persistence, caution.
POSITIVE--Faithfulness, stability, concentration, analysis system, building qualities, tact, diplomacy, justice, thrift, economy, deliberation, conservatism, endurance, discipline.
NEGATIVE--Crystallization, obstruction, selfishness, slowness, fearfulness, limitation, materialism, melancholy, pessimism, avarice, secretiveness, suspicion, severity, cynicism.


BASIC--The Awakener; altruism, inventiveness, originality, sudden action, unconventionality.
POSITIVE--Progressiveness, universality, universal love of humanity, impersonality, independence, love of liberty, romance, intuition.
NEGATIVE--Eccentricity, spasmodic action, bohemianism, fanaticism, irresponsibility, licentiousness, anarchy.


BASIC--Superphysical entities of all degrees and impressions from them. Divinity, occultism, knowledge from sources above reason, viz., superphysical beings.
POSITIVE--Spirituality, intuition, inspiration, clairvoyance, prophecy, devotion, music.
NEGATIVE--Delusions, chaotic mental conditions, morbidity, fraud, incoherence, deception, dishonesty, mediumship.


BASIC--Renewing, enlivening, breaking open, germinating, erupting, reorganizing, provoking, transition.
POSITIVE--Regeneration, transmutation, positive clairvoyance, revivification, universal welfare, motivation to strive for spiritual power.
NEGATIVE--Force, defiance, death, destruction, fanaticism, struggle, sensuality, regimentation, underworld, black magic, decomposition.

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