Sunday, January 30, 2011

December 2014 Monthly Horoscope

General Forecast 

The month of December is a conclusion of 2014, and we will be clearing out, letting go and taking on new ways of doing this for a more prosperous 2015, when we start a new cycle. 

 Dec. 3: Mars moves into Aquarius spurring us to embrace our individualism and to take a new and innovative approach to the old and outworn. It's time for us to do things as we want and not based off of what others think of us. Mars is the planet of action, so whatever house Aquarius is in your natal chart is where you can expect a surge of activity.  On December 6th we will have a beautiful full moon in Gemini bringing forth emotional highs and lows but for the most part objectivity to make emotional decisions from a logical perspective.

The big News of December will be Jupiter's reverse motion on December 8th although the benefits will slow down externally - we will grow in wisdom and faith from within. We won't be able to rely on the normal abundant nature of Jupiter, so we will need to create our luck through emanating Jupiter energy to others. 

When Planets turn retrograde the effects from our environment or outer world are up to us with less benefit or friction. Then later in the month Uranus the planet of liberation, change and freedom, will be stationing for direct motion on the 21st. This will get things going again, most likely with a few surprises in house he sits. 

On a whole, Uranus energy brings courage to be ourselves. December 10th Lovely Venus will move into grounded Capricorn, and money matters will turn serious. Love matters will solidify and a importance on setting goals in love and money matters will turn a focus. 

Look also to where Capricorn is in your chart you can expect some benefits to that house. December 15th it's important to note that Uranus will Square Pluto, breaking us free of our worthless obsessions, or need for control and this usually happens with something taking a hit, watch for tempers and try to remain objective in matters of the heart.

December 21st begins our Winter Solstice and the Sun moves into Capricorn, along with a new Moon in Capricorn as well. We will be much more grounded this month, will a strong focus on building solid structures in our lives. On

Dec. 23 Saturn is will be making his big move into Sagittarius, which will lighten the heaviness with Scorpio however, will be toning down the flamboyant overly optimistic Sagittarius, this may be a battle of wills in which, not giving in to the somber side to Saturn but rather grasping his ability to work hard, and stay focused on a goal, everyone can use this energy from time to time Sagittarius you are up next!. Look where Sagittarius is in your chart and expect to see some major changes in that area. You will need to make that house a priority because Saturn is strict, and will make you work for the treasures you gain. 

December is a big month for many of the Planets are changing signs, and erratic Uranus energy will return while Optimistic Jupiter takes a leave, we will need to refocus and rebuild or redo areas in which Jupiter turns retrograde. 

With Mars entering Aquarius early, just two days before the powerful Full Moon configuration of Saturday, December 6th, that highlights Uranus and Pluto in square, on a large scale sounds like revolutionary change is coming and we can already see the people want it. 

 At this time as well, Jupiter and Venus will make a grand trine in Fire signs with the new planet Eris, and the powerful past of Pluto, this will be powerful in transit for all, representing a rebirth with soul purpose. 

The suddenness of the energy of Uranus in Aries brings surprises, as well as great intuitional awareness  in addition expect the unexpected and perhaps entirely new insights. 

We are all leaving some part of the past behind us as we sail through this deeply transformational month. 

When we have more or less prepared for the deep changes that accompany the revolutionary effect of Uranus and Pluto which their exact collision, that perfects mid-month, we are beginning to see a new and brighter future, is possible.

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