Friday, July 1, 2011


Part of the beginners Astrology Mini Course

Ok, so now you need to get familiar with the planets and there energies, which are derived from the Greek gods and goddesses. You can read more about each one of them in greater detail to expand your understanding of what they represent in greater detail. This is just a general and brief description.

Pluto - Planet of extremes, the all or nothing at all.

Neptune - Planet of dreams, imagination, illusion and delusion.

Uranus - Makes other planets function crazily, independent, unique, abstract, rule breaker

Saturn - Order, organization, ambition, caution, discipline hard work, restraint, blocks.

Jupiter- The planet of luck and expansion.

Mars - The planet of action, energy aggression.

Venus - The planet of pleasure, it makes things easier or lazier.

Mercury - The planet of communication, writing or speaking.

The Moon - This planet rules your emotions, desires and intuitions.

Learn these meanings they will help you interpret your own chart.

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