Monday, August 19, 2013


402134893_735feaa54a_z.jpg (640×480)Venus trine or sextile mercury is one of the most pleasant aspects to have in a love relationship. The both of you will have no qualms expressing how you feel about another. Smooth communication is very likely and you may find yourself addressing each other with lovely pet names. You are kind, caring and sympathetic in your words to each other. 

This breeds respect for the way you speak to each other, which, in the long run, will draw you closer than pretty much any other aspect in synastry. When you speak nicely to each other, you feel good when you are in each other's presence and you will often look to each other comfort when feeling down. 

This aspect is one out of a romantic novel, with all its beautiful words, the two of you will enjoy communicating, and if upset, will handle it with the greatest respect and dignity. Angering each other is nearly impossible, and when you do, you will both approach it delicately  being sure to deliver your fears, in a warm and acceptable way. Short distance travels will likely be pleasant, and you will get on very well in the day to day activities. Romantic poems and text messages are a part of everyday communication. 

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