Sunday, June 2, 2013

TRANSITS TO A STELLIUM: The double edge sword

If you happen to have a Stellium(4 or more planets in one sign or house), then you are quite aware of the double edge sword, that stelliums provide.  We know that the design of the transits can be rather humorous, such as times when we are so looking forward to that wonderful Venus transit to our 2nd house of money when we are running low on funds. But then there is that other aspect, you know when Saturn is Squaring or opposing Venus during this transit? Thanks, Saturn, who devised this plan anyway? 

 The timing of transits on one's natal chart are all different for all of us and different aspects are happening at all times. Sometimes the good one's pass us by with what feels like none of the good stuff, we were expecting. These annoying blockers really make you want to just forget about Astrology out of sheer aggravation!  

It's  sort of the same thing with Stelliums when it's good, it's really good! and when it's not so good, it totally sucks! when an Outer planet makes a tough aspect to the house of your stellium, you know it's in that order that the others will be affected also.

The good transits such as Jupiter's transit in conjunction one's stellium- is usually a fabulous time (of course it depends on the planets involved and the house).

 I have known many with personal planet Stelliums, that seem to benefit the most from a beneficial transit, however, it really depends on many other factors and hopefully there are no blockers. But usually when good planets come about and hit your stellium, things are really good and in a big way.  

If you have a stellium then good transits are really good, and the bad are near-like hell. However, many of the lessons are learned in one shot even if it's a long shot. 

Stelliums represent focused areas and areas of talent, but also areas where you might be or are most likely neglecting, such as the opposite house. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

However, those that possess them seem to love them because when a beneficial transit happens such as Jupiter or Venus making aspects or conjunctions to their stellium, big things can happen, in many areas of their life and in pretty much all facets of the planets involved. Their boost is much bigger than those that get one planet at a time. Depending on the house and other aspects will depict exactly what benefits and how large.

These positive transits happen just as frequently as the more pesky, morbid or devastating transits and just as the good transits are really good, the more brutal transits can be exactly that, Brutal but "quadruple the brute". 

We all dread those hard Restrictive transits of Saturn, the disruptive transits of Uranus, the delusional transits of Neptune* or desperate transits of Pluto. However, those with a Stellium might have a bit more fear attached, and it's with really good reason. 

When the more disruptive planets make their hard aspects to one's stellium, the effects can be very depressing, and even overwhelming leaving one feeling totally hopeless. The overhaul possible at the end is guaranteed to be quite dramatic it will feel like a complete uprooting, dismantling, or perhaps emotionally straining, or alienating, it really depends on the planet. 

I knew a girl that had Neptune hit her stellium, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and at the end, she had so many regrets of making such bad choices in every aspect of her life. She believed in people she should not have, she gave way more than she got, she was deceived and betrayed big time by so many. She swore to never trust anyone again, or do anything to help anyone again either! 

The tragedies she suffered were from Neptune's compassionate overly idealist veil, she practically went on a mission to help as many dysfunctional people as she could. She was investing her time and effort into many friends that betrayed her in the past,  only for them to do it again. Well after Neptune left, next up was Saturn.  The Universe has a sense of humor it seems, especially when Neptune transits a house, just before Saturn, very funny! Needless to say, her wake up was painful, she kicked herself over and over.
 If the person that has the stellium' has been wise with all their decisions prior to the transit, (which is possible but not likely especially after a Neptune long transit sitting on all their personal planets) however, it's possible especially if you are aware of Astrology, and Neptune's effects. At least then you are aware and can be conscious of it. 

Yes, life throws its share of fair and unfair challenges. Just as "stellium people" reaped huge benefits under the good transits, the tough ones, are a bit tougher.  

Thanks to Astrology, we can become aware of when these transit will happen and we can plan ahead. That is why it is so important to make sure you keep up with your transits if you are new to Astrology. 

Understanding what's happening is so important to avoid much of the potential suffering. 

The first step is knowing what to expect, and then being conscious of the effects. Sometimes just acknowledging it's happening can stop it in it tracks, well not really, but our responses we most certainly can control which limits the effects.

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