Sunday, June 2, 2013


If you are a late degree Virgo Ascendant please see the following sign for accuracy of house transits.

This month is a combination of a need for retiring alone to explore the private side of your life and dealing with issues of home, children and relationships. Yes, fairly dramatic but also highly beneficial if you handle what needs to be handled and keep your focus. You may feel like laying low mid month especially when Venus joins, The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in your 12th house of hidden things. This not necessarily a bad thing it can be quite good if you have been pushing yourself too hard lately which is something Virgo's tend to do. However, there is a slight discrepancy here because you energy or Mars will be in the 3rd house of local travel, communications, and siblings. It' seems you will need to work while in hibernation, running around town in the day. Saturn is also in your 3rd and he's really been making you rethink before you speak, or at least much more self conscious of what you say. This can be good making you talk less and do more. However, it does place stress on communications with others. This is also true for your relationship with siblings if you have any. They may become needy or require help from you. There is also a possibility that you run into many obstacles on your day to day travels running errands around the neighborhood. Some of you have had problems with your Cars, needing repairs. This is to make sure you learn to dot the I's and cross the T's because if it can break, chances are it will under Saturn's influence, this applies to computers and high tech equipment as well, down to not receiving a piece of mail on time. All these little frustrations are trying to help you rebuild a stronger foundation. 

If your love life has taken a beating or you have had some intensely dramatic situations occur that's OK it's just Pluto. He has been trying to change the way you express yourself, and love. Some of you have had some drastic breakups some of you have since worked it out and now have a much stronger relationship because you got it all out and have a deeper understanding of each others needs. Regardless of what you have experienced you are in a rebuilding stage of learning to be more authentic to you and to not accept the things you do not want in your life. If it is not right for you make no mistake Pluto will end it. It may be painful at first but realize later you will be thankful because Pluto won't settle for superficial and that's always in your best interest. So for you single Virgos, you need to be careful about attracting obsessive characters now. Pluto wants you to set boundaries, and you want to do it before it's too late. Some Virgos had to see a therapist from a new love they encountered a couple years back. 

You most certainly crave passion now and there is nothing wrong with that, just don't cause drama it can really cause many problems for that you would wish you didn't partake in. Some of you that have children may have had to face some issues with them, be it health wise, injury or unruly behavior, you will need to spend more time with them and that's a good thing. 

However, Neptune has made things a little confusing in the relationship or marriage department, or has turned a corner and you are much more compassionate with your partner. Some of you have partners going through a difficult time, in which they need more support from you. For those of you that are single, the longing for a marriage partner might kick up a notch. Neptune seeks to dissolve boundaries so in areas of relationships you may find yourself surrounded by people that are having a difficult time. Or in the reverse you might be having a difficult time and need more from your partner. There are likely big changes going on at home and with relationships that need to handled. Focus on clearing those up, because you don't need to have these problems holding you back or interfering with your progress. 

This month might prove to be challenging in these areas just take the time to care for your health, and get plenty of rest so you can tackle each one by one. You need to focus on yourself and your home most importantly now, so don't let others take advantage of your kindness at this time. Do what you can to help, but don't hurt yourself in the process. 

Taking care of any health, diet, home, or family issues are the focus for the month. With all the planets in the 12th of hospitals if you have any ailments it's a good time to go to the doctor. If your feeling good, then take this time to explore the spiritual side of life, and get in touch with your inner needs. This will help prepare you and give you the strength for next month when they wake up again from their slumber and invigorate your 1st house giving you the courage, stamina and luck to accomplish anything you need

As always there are many other factors involved and aspects that are specific to each person so to get your own personalized forecast please see my reports page:) 

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