Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Moon In Cancer- Nurture your life

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Tomorrows New Moon in Cancer,   while structured Saturn turns direct motion is a recipe for new structures, with a focus on emotional security and self-nurturing. This energy is really about setting up boundaries and nurturing ourselves. The New Moon is a New Beginning, depending on the house that Cancer in your natal chart occupies you can expect to begin a powerful journey into nurturing the areas that are represented by the house. Cancer represents emotions, security, home and nurturing. Our emotions will be our driving force in these areas. New Moon's are always highly emotional and in the sign of Cancer, it's amplified. We will intuitively know, what it is we need to do, we will trust our feelings and intuition more. We are experiencing the powerful undercurrents, intuitiveness and the more, feeling side of our natures, while our water houses are lit up by the major player planets like Saturn and Jupiter along with this New moon. It's obvious that this is about emotional health, getting what we need to feel good, take care of and our security, all while we expand our intuitiveness and emotional sensitivity. Now is the time for us to focus on taking care of ourselves, both emotionally and financially.   Saturns Direct Motion in another water sign, the sign of Scorpio, is adding to this intensity of emotions but also giving us the passion and clarity to make the right decisions. Look at what house both Cancer and Scorpio are in and what the house represents, for areas in which you will be applying this new energy. It's "out with the old" and "in with the new'. All projects that have been put on hold, will move forward now! or any new project that you want to begin is favored now. The hold up is over, it's time to move forward!

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