Sunday, June 2, 2013

NEPTUNE LOVE- Your'e my favorite movie

passionatelovers.jpg (500×363)Just like in every love story told, the romantic novels written, and the big screen romances, Neptune; adds a cinematic effect to all we see. This oceanic dream` where all things are possible, it is where "true love" and Soul mates exist any and all of our fantasies can come true.  Neptune rules the cinema along with fantasy, dreams, and the spiritual. Neptune is the "god of water" which shifts, ebbs and flows around every obstacle, becoming the shape of what holds it. Neptune knows no boundaries, water moves to fill every space, crack and crevice, effortlessly flowing. Water retains memories and is impressionable, as seen from Dr. Emoto's water experiment. As so, people that impact our Neptune 12th house, or relationships with others that are highly Neptune infused ( many Neptune Aspects) often leave a deep impression on us because Neptune magic is about subtlety and suggestion, but mostly on a strangely unconscious level.   

If glamorizing is Neptune's job, then you can expect him to aggrandize every experience he touches, there is always two sides to every planet, so even the bad can look good. Neptune is the ruler of all illusion, delusion, idealism, the ethereal and spiritual. He also rules elevated feelings that are caused by alcohol and drugs like "ecstasy"which would explain the type of crash which occurs when the Neptune veil is has worn off or been (lifted, usually during Neptune retrograde) but sometimes, after many years since Neptune transits are very and can be close to 13-14 years in one house.
We just can't beat the "glamor" that Neptune provides it envelops us in the imaginary, the perfect, fantasy and the dream world. 

The realities of our struggles as human beings are lifted and bliss exists, even if it was short-lived, with Neptune it is always sweet. Neptune is responsible for an elevated love, producing the feelings of Soulmate unions, deep spiritual bonds, and intimacy, all  in a highly colorful and romantic atmosphere. 

Living in the fairy-tale does have it's drawbacks, even if the positive is worth it. There is a possibility of you not seeing things truly as they are and there is a possibility of deception. We are very trusting under a Neptune transit, and willing to look past things that would normally bother us. 
We suddenly see the good in others, in most things, we have an increased sense of belief and hope. What lies beneath our idealistic perception is another matter and this is how being deceived it possible. 

The truth is not everyone is good, no matter how hard we want it to be so. Neptune relationships can show us this. It's unfortunate that we can't go full force with Neptune's dream of perfection because the world is not perfect. We need to set boundaries and have expectations of others, or we expose ourselves to being taken advantage of. 

The key in Neptune relationships is to not give more than you normally would and to match their words with their actions. 

So what are the chances of deception? Unfortunately, this can not be answered without seeing both charts of both people involved. If one shows many signs of possible deception the possibility could be detected but each person chooses whether or not to act out on it.

However, not everyone is out to harm us so we must not think that every Neptune relationship will be deceptive, we could very well miss out on the positive, our possible Soul mate.  This is why it is critical for you to maintain grounded and pay attention to your intuition, don't make excuses for bad behavior and match their words with their actions. While Neptune is projecting his best movie, you must always keep your eyes open and separate fact from illusion.

No one knows compassion like Neptune he gives us faith, hope and fulfills our every wish. It is up to us, "not to pay a fare to falsies". Neptune is teaching us to not judge a book by its cover, that goes both ways. Don't assume because this person appears perfect, don't assume, check facts.

 Neptune wants you to "take form in a realm where nothing is solid, your very identity is lost among the infinite. We are asked by Neptune to dream the big dream, but to keep in mind, that to "dream is only a dream", We must solidify ourselves, define ourselves from the merge of all things, where definition does not exist. Simply because in this "dream world" anything is possible the highest form of love and romance or the betrayal of being "disillusioned" when really the "illusion" was yours and you are ultimately to blame. 

Fall into the depths of love, blend into the ocean but always check out the "behind the scenes" footage of this film.

Audio Version interpretation of Neptune in synastry click here

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