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Home is where your heart is THIS MONTH! August is a fabulous month for you to connect deeper with family, or if you moved away go back home for a trip down memory lane. Whatever, you do to improve your home and family life, the universe will support you. Think comfort, soul, family.

With Jupiter all ready in your 4th house, making home a sensitive point for you, in means of what you need to feel fulfilled, visiting family or remodeling you will want to feel home. Luck is with you at home too so your likely to find some great deals on any home improvements at this time. Some of you might move back home this year, some will at least want to visit back home, other's may be thinking of expanding their family with a baby. It is also just as likely that you move into a bigger place if you haven't already, Jupiter likes to super size so it's not uncommon. If you have been estranged or had family problems in the past, this is a excellent time to reconnect, if it's something that you have been wanting to. Either way, you will be feeling good, and developing a strong family core takes more importance. All things related to home, family and security are favored. I have seen many that got back in contact with long lost family members during this time as well. 

The home theme is going to be kicked up even further around the 15th of this month when a planetary gathering of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all gather together, spicing up the home even more. You can expect to acquire some new home furnishings, or decorating home will be a past time pleasure. Venus adds romance as well, so if you are shacked up with your partner you can your home time, to be much more cozy and romantic. This adds to the congenial behaviors of your family members, so any family visits will likely be quite pleasant. You will be heavily focused on home and family this month and setting up or expanding your home base. Venus teamed up with Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury all together in your solar 4th house is quite powerful and very focused. The 4th house rules early childhood, so you most certainly may have a trip down memory lane, it can also help you build a inner confidence and new found faith in yourself, not that you had any problems there!

 However,  Saturn has been putting the pressure on and has for the past two years I am sure you are eager for him to get out of your 7th house, but don't be so hasty. Saturn build solid structures and things that withstand time. During his last transit through your 7th house, you will have solid relationships to thank him for. I know some relationships had to go you have seen some fall by the way side, some even very important to you, don't worry it's all part of a plan that has your best interest at heart.  Some of you to divorced some met your soul mate, and are ready to pop the question or get engaged. Congrats to those of you! don't worry for those of you that have not yet. I can bet you will find that someone very soon. It seems the time has finally come when soul mates are meeting each other. I can't believe how many people i have come across that recently claimed to have found theirs. Saturn is a tough guy, but you don't want anyone that isn't in it for the long haul, and that's what Saturn seeks to do. With Venus Moving into your 5th house next month, I am confident if you haven't met yours it's looking good next month.  after Saturn leaves will be for life. Jupiter seeks to expand and give hope, faith and opportunity. 

However, beginning this month Venus is still in your 3rd house so it's a excellent time to communicate, travel locally or visit with siblings. Internet business's can expect some additional income, or you can receive great news in the mail. 


Any of the above are possible and it all depends on what your current situation is but with Mars the planet of passion and war you may get a little of both. Mars is your energy and you will be putting it into partnership this month. Passion heats up and sometimes with passion comes War, it's not looking bad but things can get spicy. You will be a little more apt to let your partner know how you feel just be tactful. Mars doesn't indicate fighting but it can so try to turn your rants into romance instead.  

 However, for those of you attached just use the passion aspect and turn on the heat with your partner. You can be quite active together during this time, or things can heat up in the bedroom. If you don't have one it's a excellent time to meet one. You are likely to be quite active with friends and close associates anyway, so while your out you just might meet a brusque or feisty new partner. We tend to attract the people that fit the planet that transits our 7th house so this can be fun. If other's become argumentative or bossy, just keep it cool and realize it's a passing phase, don't give into it and blow things out of proportion, you have been warned. 

This is  a excellent time to get out and meet people, you may end up socializing quite a bit even if you didn't plan to. The universe has a way of kicking us loose and getting us going. Maybe a company party, or a party or perhaps visiting close friends on a social level. If you are on the market for a business partner this is a excellent time to begin the search. 

You do need to be cautious of starting unnecessary disagreements because you may feel a little more compulsive or short tempered. Mars likes to insert a large does of energy and sometimes it can set one off making them forceful and temperamental. Saturn has been cleaning house and looking to find you a Saturn builds structure and security and in your Close partners or marriage house, that's what's been going on the way you view relationships will be much more serious now. 

Saturn is however, retrograde allowing you to back track your decisions of the people you want in your life and the one's you will need to let go of, if you haven't already. However, those of you looking for a committed partnership there is no time better than now, because you will attract the loyal Saturn types that and can forge a relationship of a lifetime. 

There's a little contradiction going on however, you should probably pay attention to. Because even though Saturn is building solid close partnerships. Neptune might be building relationships with others that are not good for you, when Neptune 11th entered your house of friends, you may have found yourself feeling sorry or responsible for your friends more than you have in the past, and some of you had to deal with friends taking advantage of your kindness. 

Neptune likes to test your boundaries since he doesn't have any, and sometimes we need to get burned to learn. Hopefully your not one that needed to learn a lesson in this area. Other's that have good solid friendships that would never take advantage of a fly, may require more of your time, and of course you should be there for them. This transit seeks to show you how to be a good friend without sacrificing yourself, and to learn to build boundaries. People that come into your life, can be negative or draining during this time, so it's OK to say no. 

Gratefully Neptune is retrograde in your 11th house of friends, allowing you time to think things through and Neptune's Glamorous veil is pulled off, now is a good time to decide who you want in your life and you can do without. You're no longer a fools friend.  For your close friendships with people you trust and love, they may experience a difficult time, needing your help and Yes you should be there for them. You are learning about boundaries when it comes to friends, so go with it.  You just don't need anyone that's taking more, than they give and draining you in the process.

You have been breaking free on a completely psychological level anyhow and this process is quite liberating. Uranus trekking back and forth in your house of hidden has been bringing much to light. You have been breaking free of the chains that bind you in your unconscious. If you are someone that has Saturn here, you can expect a upsurge of individualism in the process of beginning. When he then gets to push you to be unique and different in your personal style and personality, in the 1st. Regardless of the planets that occupy the 12th you are going through a true liberation, enjoy becoming the authentic you!. So yes your relationships are still under inspection, pretty much on every level. You have been tested in your friendships, the love relationships, marriages and it hasn't been easy but it all will be rewarding.

The month of August holds a couple really good days for career as well so if you have been looking for a job your apt to find one. I believe you will receive very good news with regards to work, career or public recognition on August 10th so keep a eye out for opportunities prior. This Aquarius Moon lighting up your Solar 10th house is in powerful aspect to Jupiter and will bring forth positive news in career. All year is great for Career with Jupiter in your 4th house he is also opposing your 10th house and it's much like a transit to your 10th house from Jupiter, it just takes a little more initiative on your side.

 You also are going through a new coming out phase. Big changes are on the way. New relationships that suit you better, breaking free of your hidden fears, a better understanding of who you are. You're philosophy in life may have got a makeover, since it has been suffering Pluto's brutal way of bringing new insights and truths. Exploring religion, philosophy and anything new, and been a source of transformation for you, since it's your solar 9th house big changes were underway.

You are on the brink of stepping out, into a more authentic you.  Uranus liberating your from hidden fears, Saturn stabilizing and building structure in your relationships, Neptune teaching you boundaries and Jupiter bringing faith and optimism back, bringing you a sense of soul security! You are on track to becoming the best version of you with the best people to experience it all with! 

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