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Natal Chart- Moon in the houses

The moon in astrology represents our emotional needs, the nurturing we received and give, and our instinctual reactions to emotional situations, it is our intuition- our deep intimate selves. It is also representative of our mother, food, home and all things comforting.We must always be reminded that other aspects and signs apply to how these energies are played out and must always be taken into consideration for the most accurate description.

Moon in the 1st house-  Empathetic, Intuitive, Sensitive to others and to oneself.

When your moon is in 1st house you have a deep sensitivity to yours and the feelings of other's. You intuitively can pick up energies in others and so you are able to respond easily to their needs in a very sensitive way. You are intuitive, sensitive, and emotionally expressive. You may possess something that is called a "moon-glow", radiance. Calming environments and feeling safe are very important to your health and well-being, be sure to nurture yourself from time to time because of your sensitivity to your environment.

Moon in the 2nd house- Emotional Security through what you have

Financial security is very important to you for emotional security, only comes when you are financially secure. You are a person that will keep things of sentimental value a long time and may have difficulty in letting things go. You may cling to things that you have for emotional security. Your mother may be someone who contributes to your overall wealth or the opposite is reliant on you to provide for her comforts. You probably have sudden monetary windfalls or unexpected income when the moon is full transiting in this house. Your income may be unstable waxing and waning with the moon. Depending on the sign and aspects made to your moon will alter what you will do to earn your money. However, the general consensus is that you need emotional fulfillment in your work you do to make your money, and you have an emotional need for material things of comfort.

Moon in the 3rd house- Emotional Security through cerebral activity

When your moon is in your 3rd house,  You are able to communicate your feelings clearly and precisely as if they have been analyzed, dissected and are now ready for delivery. Your feelings tend to be very rational. You may respond intellectually rather than emotionally to stressful situations, and usually don't get carried away with heavy emotional displays. Learning and expanding your mind, wondering about the city meeting new people in shops around town is emotionally fulfilling because you are constantly learning from others. You are able to pick up the emotions of others within your immediate environment and able to say just the right thing at the right time. Your mother may have been distracted leaving you to decipher things on your own. If you have siblings, you yearn for close emotional contact with them, if other aspects allow it can lead to close relations with siblings, or on and off relations with them. If the moon is afflicted it can lead to discord among siblings. You get your emotional fulfillment through your immediate environment and need a lot of stimuli to keep you interested. Talking and communicating make you feel good, and being out and about in town meeting new people. 

Moon in the 4th house- Emotional comfort through home and family

If your moon is in your 4th house- Your family may be a very important source of your emotional fulfillment, and close family ties are very important to you. You easily make others feel at home and comfortable with you.  You love comfort food, places near the water, and warm fluffy blankets. You may suppress your emotions in most of the areas of your life, holding in frustrations, only to release them at home. If the moon is not afflicted it would show good relations with the mother or a mother that was deeply intuitive, sensitive and nurturing. 

Moon in the 5th house- Emotional fulfillment through creativity, love, romance and children.

When the moon in your natal chart is in the 5th house of the Sun, then you love to have fun! You are flamboyant and expressive and have the magic touch when it comes to making people feel good. You love rest and relaxation, along with fine food and a good time! You are playful, sensitive, and romantic. You probably love children. You might be quite lucky in gambling when there is a full moon. Your outlook is forever young! Life to you is fun, love and games, why have it any other way. You can be very creative with emotional expression and very creative. Unless the Moon is afflicted and other aspects allow, you should have an overall positive attitude. 

Moon in the 6th house- Emotional fulfillment through health, service and efficiency

You have a keen, analytical mind and will take your time to do a good job in your work. You tend to analyze your feelings and may be somewhat reserved when it comes to expressing yourself. You like to be of service to others, or to at least be needed. You may attract the wounded birds in relationships or damsels in distress. You can be shy or reserved depending on other aspects. Emotionally you tend to be reserved and sensitive to criticism, but may also be critical of others yourself.  Your emotional well-being affects your health, so it is important that you are engaged in mental stimulation, perhaps complex strategic games like chess, or puzzles would be of interest. 

Moon in the 7th house- Emotional Fulfillment through Close partnerships and Marriage.

The world of close emotional relationships is vital to your emotional health. You are a warm blanket on a cold night to your close friends and partners. You are kind and considerate with others and earn their affections because of this. You always remember another's birthday, or just the right thing to say to comfort another. You are highly intuitive with others that border on psychic. You intuitively pick up exactly what it is other's need. You are able to help others with your intuitive insights. You will develop many close personal contacts within your life, and your friends will depend on you for emotional support. In marriage, you are emotionally in tune with your partner, and would likely be quite affectionate! unless, of course, other aspects interfere. You are better with a partner than not, or at least prefer one.

Moon in the 8th house- Emotional Fulfillment through exploring the unknown and deep intimacy and intensity.

You are not afraid of the darker side of life and are intrigued by mysteries or the unknown. You can make a good psychologist because you have seen the shadow side of people and have deep penetrating insights into the human psyche. You can be emotionally all or nothing, and need a partner that can handle your intensity. Although you are passionate  your emotions run deep and you may cover them behind a veneer of coolness until the time comes when you can no longer hold out. You can help heal others with the knowledge that you have. Deep intimacy makes you feel secure. You can be jealous or manipulative when threatened. Your relationships are passionate, deep and perhaps intense.

Moon in the 9th house- Emotional Fulfillment through expansion, and higher learning, travel, and exploration.

You can shock people with your brilliant insights, it may seem as if you can see into the future. You are optimistic  expansive and honorable with others. You rarely get down unless there are other aspects to show this. You believe in a higher power of authority and are respectful to this. This comes across in your desire to be ethical and honorable in all that you do. You love travel, explore and search for truths. You can be philosophical with grand ideas, you keep us looking to the future with a belief that all is possible.

Moon in the 10th house- Emotional Fulfillment through Career Accomplishment and Reputation

You have a knack for knowing what the public wants. You can see trends and use this to your advantage in your career. You can connect emotionally with others, who take a liking to you and want to help you further yourself. You may make career changes often or find that you need to be emotionally satisfied at your career, and if your not, you will leave. Your mother was someone you looked up to or was the more dominant or business head of the family or your father was an emotional type. 

other aspects to the moon do apply.

Moon in the 11th house- Emotional Fulfillment through groups, associations, and friends fighting for a cause.

You may attract emotional friends that come to you for support, or you may rely on your friends for emotional support. You have the ability to make the group feel right at home, and intuitively know what it is your friends need. You are the ideal friend to a friend in need and are always there when one needs you. You like grand ideas, and group associations, and may take up fighting for a cause that has meaning to you. You can be a rebel if you are forced to conform against your will. You work well with groups of people and can make intimate connections within large groups of people. Your mother may act as a friend. Of course the signs and other aspects can alter the interpretation.

Moon in the 12th house- Emotional Fulfillment through matters of the intangible, spirituality and retreat.

Difficulty making out how you really feel may be more difficult for you, than most. You may have felt invisible as a child, or that you emotions weren't heard or understood. You may have spent a lot of time away or secluded while younger. Your mother may have been absent whether physically or emotionally. You may have spent large amounts of time alone while young and prefer to get away from all the chaos in daily life. You are a very sensitive and caring person but may upset lovers because you are unable to express yourself emotionally or unsure of how you really feel. You may unconsciously say things that you didn't want to, so it's important you listen to your words. You are very intuitive and pick up emotions of others. You may hide your true nature from others. You have an infiniteness about you that has difficulty focusing the mundane. You have larger than life needs and expectations of yourself.
If the aspects allow.

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