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Venus the Goddess of Love, shows our love nature, how we act to attract, how we love, Who we love, what we need to feel loved, How we give love, it is also representative of our creativity, our desires, tastes, and all things that bring us pleasure, including our finances, and the things we have or want.

Venus Conjunct Sun
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Venus Conjunct Moon

You act to attract exactly how you feel. You enjoy the fine things in life and they provide you with much emotional comfort. You are sensitive to scents, fragrance and touch. You need lots of affection, warmth, and luxury for emotional comfort, and can be quite unhappy if those needs are not met. 
You probably speak with a graceful mannerism, that others find endearing. You are a carnivore for fine dining, and love the food with all the garnish to make it appealing. You are a lover, not a fighter and are quite good at being the mediator. Your relations with your mother are typically very warm, and you may receive, and you may notice that you tend to get some sort of financial benefit whenever the moon is full. Your emotional nature is sweet, sensitive and compassionate but can be quite the diva from time to time. You are more than likely quite fond of good music and the arts.

Venus Conjunct Mercury

You may be a poet and not even know it! If not you sure are one for words! You more than likely have a pleasant speaking voice, perhaps a job in voice overs is possible. If that's not your cup of tea, you can talk your way into any job so, no worries there! 
You are the true diplomat, always having the right thing to say at the right time. Some may enjoy writing, speaking, or poetry and other's music and dancing, but your sure to have some kind of artistic talent in these areas. You are born with the gift of gab and you should use it to the maximum. You will find much luck in writing, communicating, learning, and right here, right now in the immediate environment. 

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

You love big and you need a lot of love. Which is something that you will most certainly not have a problem obtaining. You are generous with money, and your affections and more than likely have strong philosophical ideas about love and how it should be.
You are grand in love and will shower your loved one's with many tokens of affection. You are likely to attract members of the opposite sex like flies, so making a decision may be difficult. You have high expectations in love and are a fun, vibrant lover to be around. 

Venus Conjunct Saturn

For you love is serious business, and not light and fun. There are certain blockages that occur when it comes to intimacy and the expression of affection. You may not be as expressive emotionally with your lovers as you should or could be. You have very high expectations in love and will more than likely pull away time and time again until you feel this criterion has been met. It takes you longer than most people to find a suitable mate, because of the tests and expectations you have and put your partners through. You believe that love is tried and true, and only after the proper amount of time has passed can you make such a commitment. Giving, receiving are complicated matters for you, you tend to expect more than you give, or you give more than you get back. Deep intimacy and sharing may be very uncomfortable to you, which is the primary reason bonding is so difficult for you. At least if and when you do find love that is enduring enough, there is no stopping your undying commitment. 

Venus Conjunct Uranus

You are a trend setter or at least will be one day,  You have eclectic taste and prefer to do things the opposite of what other's are doing, you are a leader, not a follower. In love you are attracted to unique brilliant individuals, that offer you a great amount of freedom. The strange and weird or at least unique, intrigue you and are likely a friend to all. You love to be out and about in the city and are probably very fond of technology and science or the abstract concepts. You are brilliantly creative and extremely independent.

Venus Conjunct Neptune

You love unconditionally, for the most part, and have deep compassion for other's with problems or suffering. You are very artistic and dreamy in your approach to life. You are probably involved in the arts of some sort. You have a deep sensitivity to crudeness, and prefer to stay in your own bubble of perfection. You need to be careful not to idealize your partner and to be sure that you are seeing them as they are because you have a tendency to see the best in other's you can also easily be taken advantage of. In love you are highly romantic and tender, and can easily get swept away. 

Venus Conjunct Pluto

You have a strong powerful love nature when you love you love and when you hate? look out!. You have strong passions, deep interests in all that's hidden. You have a tendency to doubt your partners and trust isn't easily given by you. It is something that is proven over time and must be earned. You may attract controlling, dominating or manipulating partners, or You yourself may use some of these tactics to get what you want. You can be quite obstinate and defensive, so it takes a compassionate and flexible person that is willing to submit  to make you feel safe. You have strong drives, strong desires, and everything to you is all or nothing. You are not afraid to speak up for what you want and you more than likely get it. You have a strong desire for wealth, and material things, and are likely to have a very prosperous life.

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