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URANUS is where we look to be different, we desire to be unique in what we do, we want to break free, revolutionize, or experience things in a new and different way. Uranus provides sudden shocks, sudden change and it serves to free us and the people we touch from patterns or beliefs that are outdated or perhaps holding one back. Uranus can be as brutal as Pluto because it often takes something unexpected to push us out of our mundane repetitive unhappy suppressed lives. Uranus is the liberator because he wants us to think for ourselves, to stop caring about what others think of us and to be our self. He also wants us to liberate others and to allow other's to be themselves as well. Uranian energy is innovative, unique, and does it differently simply for the sake of doing it different. 

Uranus in the 1st house

You are unique, perhaps even quirky. You can be sudden in your personality, expressing a nervous energy, that others around you will likely feel. You have a unique style and want to be recognized for your far out genius ideas. You do not like to be told what to do, you will more than likely rebel or choose to do the opposite. You can't stand being still for long periods of time, or you can fall into a deep depression. You often feel like an outsider, sometimes even alien. As if you did not come from this world. You despise any form of control, or manipulation used to suppress or manage people. You have friends from all walks of life, each one unique in themselves. You are very accepting of people for being exactly the way they are, and may be attracted to law breakers or people that walk their own path. There is a buzzing energy within you, and you may be fidgety or high strung or erratic at times. You can't stand boredom it literally drives you mad. You need lot's of freedom of expression and you may be claustrophobic or fear small spaces. In love, you often get frustrated with your partners blaming them for not keeping up with your pace and need for constant stimuli.  You need a lot of physical activities to keep your stress levels down. 

 You have tremendous scientific knowledge and genius within your erratic behavior and you are likely to be quite aware of this. You are an awakener, and your purpose is to shake other's out of their stereotypes or monism's, by exposing them to the inner prisons they set for themselves by helping them think in much broader terms. You are quite creative because of your desire to be unique, you are often recognized exactly for that. Relationships may be hard to maintain because of your constant need for stimuli, and intellectual conversations exploring all the secrets of the universe. Just try not to forget that you are human too and you should try to spend some time enjoying the physical pleasure of relaxation, which is very good for you. I also suggest that people with this placement consume a calcium/magnesium supplement to help with the high energy and over stimulated mind. 

Uranus in the 2nd house

You are independent and will more than likely end up working for yourself or making your own money in a highly unique or innovative way. If this is not the case, then at least Money is more likely to come to you through different and unusual ways. There is also the possibility that you make your money in some sort of scientific research or working for some cause that is important to you. Your self-esteem is based on your unique approach to things, and you like to do things your way.  Your family may be revolutionaries or at least in spirit. If not afflicted you can receive sudden flows of income when you least expect it. You probably like to collect unique and different gadgets or high-tech items. You are attracted to all things unique. You don't let money rule over you, you can even sometimes be rather careless with your money.

Uranus in the 3rd house

You have an innovative scientific mind that is able to understand complex systems and universal patterns. You have sudden insights that seem to come out of nowhere. Your thinking patterns gravitate towards the opposite of what is known and prefer to challenge the system in all thought and come up with your own idea of reality. You may challenge others to think outside of the box with your unique perspective. You can be erratic and sudden in your decision-making process. You don't like to be told what to do and can lash out when others try. You are active and enjoy conversations with all walks of life. You love short trips and meeting new people that you can talk to about all your, kooky ideas. You can be much like a mad scientist at times, but it's because ideas are constantly downloading and some of them are quite mind blowing. You may experience sudden shocking incidents around town, or prefer to live in a neighborhood in which you can get around meeting people, in your local neighborhood or you may choose to live in an eclectic area, with allot to offer around town. 

Uranus in the 4th house

You can be quite the rebel, and despise being told what to do from anyone. You need quite a bit of freedom or space to be happy. Your home life may have been very independent or completely controlled to where you felt like you needed to break free. Some grew up in very strict families and others had families that were unique or radical in some way. There was a certain amount of instability at home in which the individual may grow up having a higher desire for the stable home. Others, crave freedom within the home, and tend to not like to have a lot of attachments that can hold them back, or tie them down with responsibility. Some were highly supported in their individuality and their mothers end up being their best friends.  Whatever the case, you more than likely take on many Aquarian or Uranus traits. You also will like a home that is unique and spacious, that allows you complete freedom.

Uranus in the 5th house

You are unusually creative, with an ability to see trends before they happen. You have a unique perspective and want to be recognized for this, and more than likely will. You have unique talents and abilities that can be put to use in whatever area you desire. You have a unique approach to all that you do. You may find yourself attracted to unique individuals that are different in some way, or a rebel of some kind. Your lovers may come to you suddenly and end just as sudden. You have a strong need for freedom in love and may find that you attract partners that do too. You will be a parent that believes in supporting their children's individuality, or choose not to have children till later in life.

Uranus in the 6th house

You have a unique way of doing things in areas of routine, you prefer Not. You have an analytical, scientific and progressive approach to all that you do. You need to work independently to be the most effective. You may have unique idea's about health and regime or own state of the art equipment to make things much more efficient. You don't like routine and like to change things up a bit. You must watch your health you may have a tendency to get sudden nervousness or stress upon your nervous systems producing many unusual discomforts. It is recommended that you take high doses of magnesium and b vitamins for nerve support.

Uranus in the 7th

You may attract unusual and erratic partners and close associations. You require a lot of freedom of expression in relationships and like to be around free thinking and perhaps even controversial people. You may attract these types of people in business relationships that have unique and genius ideas. Your relationships may be erratic on again off again. You have friends and close associates from all walks of life. You may prefer the underdog or the individual that is not afraid to stand up for a cause or a belief. You may be attracted to rebels or partners that don't fit the norm.

Uranus in the 8th house

Chaotic sudden changes occurred throughout your life and you can move and change with the currents with no problem. You may have a special interest in magic and the occult. Sex for you is an experience in which you like to make the most of. You are open-minded and perhaps even kinky in bed. You may inherit unexpected money when you least expect it. 

Uranus in the 9th house

You approach religion, philosophy and higher learning with a wide open mind. You are not likely to adapt to any one philosophy but rather seek out your own unique path. You may decide to travel suddenly and take many unplanned trips to get away from the mundane. When you do travel you prefer unique or odd locations, or where you will have the most freedom, to experience new and different ways of doing things. You may decide on a path of enlightenment, by keeping all things in consideration while remaining true to yourself and your own inner needs. You can help other's break free from their predetermined beliefs by exposing them to wider and broader concepts on all things spiritual or philosophical.

Uranus in the 10th house

You are a unique individual and others will take notice. You're choice career probably revolves around having much freedom of movement and ideas. You will do well in anything scientific, metaphysical, or different and abstract. You may experience many career changes throughout your life and they might be sudden. You need a lot of freedom at the workplace and an open arena to express your unique gifts. You have an opportunity to bring something unique and cutting edge to the public and will likely be recognized and respected for your unique vision.

Uranus in the 11th house

When it comes to the group you tend to have radical ideas. You are attracted to unique people that will help support your cause or are the underdog. You can radically change the group mentality through your wide-ranging, open minded and innovative ideas. Your friendships may come and go, through your life, since your friends can tend to be unstable or erratic in some ways. You are a spokesperson for change for the larger groups, associations. You are attracted to innovative, unique or philanthropic people. You probably have friends from all walks of life and very much prefer it that way.

Uranus in the 12th house

You may try to hide your unique and different ways from others, or you may be unconscious of the fact that you are unique and different. The 12th house is what lies deep inside our unconscious so often the person is unaware that they are projecting strange or quirky behavior to others. You are open minded and open to all things metaphysical but prefer to not communicate this to others that are not close to you. 

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