Sunday, December 2, 2012


Uranus Conjunct Square or opposite your Partners Sun

This aspects adds a buzzing energy that will either invigorate you, or throw you into a panic. Uranus seeks to break free of convention and likes to do things different for the sake of doing it different. The Uranus person most certainly will keep the Sun person on their toes, pushing them to think outside of the box,and to try things differently than they have in the past. This is not the best aspect for long term relationships for it tends to provide the couple with a on and off energy, to where you want closeness and freedom equally so. Uranus is the group relationship planet and really is not good on the one-to one. However, this does not necessarily have to drive the relationship to doom. Both parties should be evolved in order to make this work, and it's best if neither party has any Pluto hard aspects to there personal planets. This relationship has the opportunity to introduce you to a relationship that is based on personal freedom, and individualization, but might not be the most secure. This aspect is often associated with sudden attractions, but just as sudden as they start they can often end. This aspect works better with heavy Uranus people or Aquarians or Air signs, it can be difficult for the ones, that need consistency and safety. In the case with the Sun the Uranus person can help the Sun learn to be more expressive, and less afraid to stand out from the crowd, and may even attempt to help them change their appearance to something more radical. 

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