Sunday, December 2, 2012


November is your month and although you have been made quite serious with Saturn in your sign this month the pressure may pick up a bit. Nothing you can't handle just stick with your goals and follow through. Much can be accomplished this month for Saturn always rewards hard work. You will have tremendous vitality to pull it off.
Early in the month of November you will be quite the sex symbol, not that you aren't already known for your sex appeal but You are especially magnetic when it comes to communicating attracting many admires and even winning people over. 

Watch out for drama this month with close partnerships, because it appears that you may have some emotionally charged situations occurring, in which you need to handle with great care. 

 Around the 9-11, You will want to dive in head first into all areas 3rd house related, watch out for a potential difference in opinion with a sibling, and also jumping the gun or making conclusions without all the facts. You will have a overly ripe mind and will be full of ideas but you will also speak before thinking things through. You may be overly aggressive in communicating or easily set off, so take a deep breathe and realize this, words can do damage and sometimes irreversible. 

Mid-month, you will see great improvements in your romantic world, self expression and any creative outlets, or relationships with children. You will feel ultra inspired and will tap into the currents of artistic expression much more powerfully.

You will find the month will circle around speaking your truth and communicating passionately, but also you may find yourself inundated with paperwork, or errands. 

Career will get a burst of positive energy and you can see some major lifts in money and finances this month is you take advantage of the opportunity. Although career and money are expected to do well this month, be sure to use your resources wisely and to invest in yourself or business first. This year is all about growing your business or furthering your Career, and with Jupiter's help there is no better time.

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