Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Neptune Moon aspects in synastry creates a strongly psychic, intuitive and even mystical bond. You are both very sensitive to each other and may prefer to spend much of your time alone and away from it all. There is a great deal of compassion, understanding taking place. 

You are swept away in a what feels like a underwater fantasy. Neptune rules feelings of elation, or euphoria and tends to want to keep things dream like. The problem occurs when one or both of you choose to be dishonest in order to keep things in this state. 

We all have problems and with Neptune we tend to gloss over them, cover them up or avoid them in order to keep the dream alive. This aspect works best when it is going both ways, when both people have Neptune Square the others Moon. However, it does not indicate that you are in the safe zone, one or both of you can end up not telling the whole truth. This of course does not need to be so, and would be more likely if one or the other has hard Neptune aspects in their natal chart.

This aspect although it creates a highly romantic and sensitive connection there is also a strong desire to protect it's perfection and why dishonesty is possible. It is rarely malicious but if one person is unable to fulfill there end of the relationship the truth of the reason might be difficult to truly figure out.

Just keep in mind, that Neptune likes to keep everything flowing beautifully in a highly elated dream world, and if one of the parties has Neptune in hard aspect to any of there personal planets deception is very possible. We all want to be seen is good light, but for Neptune this is a necessity. Neptune strives for perfection and guess what none of us our perfect, we all have problems and imperfections but for Neptune these are painful to disclose. Avoidance of the real problems are likely with this combination and over time, when reality set's in it can be painful.

Neptune glosses over problems, pains or sorrows, troubles and often evades reality or paints a picture quite differently than it is it is very important that the both of you are very honest with each other, even if it bursts the bubble of perfection.

In some cases, one or the other might be hiding something it does not need to be sinister it could simply be that they have made things in their life out to be better than they actually are. When this happens as the relationship evolves it becomes harder and harder to keep this untruth hidden and instead of facing the truth they choose to leave the relationship for fear of being found out.

If both people are honest with one another, and don't evade reality and don't fear the fact that they may not be perfect then the relationship can provide the two of you with a highly spiritual and psychic connection. However, if dishonesty takes place, one or both you may end up feeling quite confused about what happened to the once out of this world bond the two of you had.

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