Sunday, August 4, 2013

Synastry: Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Planets

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Sun

Neptune adds fantasy and magic to any relationship. This is bound to be one heck of a dreamy attraction. The magical feel is something you just can't seem to put your finger on and you can't seem to get them out of your head. Yep, that's Neptune the dream lover has arrived. Or have they? That's just it- you never know until you try, Neptune provides the soul-mate lover or the lover from hell, he is the master of illusions and the fog is much too thick to see for sure.

The best way to gauge whether or not this person is legit is to match the behavior in the bedroom along with the behavior outside. Be sure that they do what they say not and say what they do. This position adds tremendous glamor to the attraction, which is likely to be quite high. You may even feel as if this person is your soul mate, which they most certainly can be. Neptune requires a leap of faith. The problem with Neptune usually comes when the unrealistic or high expectations they each put on each other are not met or one alludes the other to see a part of them that may not really be them at all. Neptune does not want to let the Sun person down, and the Sun might idealize the Neptune person putting a lot of pressure to something they may not actually be. The magical feel to the interaction between the two is hard to live up too, and they both can end up glossing over some real issues for the sake of keeping the sweetness. Just be sure to be very honest with one another and to not make the other what they are not. It's good to see the good in each other.

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite your Partners Moon

This aspect generates an emotional dependence. You truly can get so wrapped up in the bliss that you feel lost without each other. This aspect is deeply emotional, and you will both find yourselves babying one another. There is a deep sensitivity to each others feelings and each of you wants to protect the other and shelter them from the harshness of life. This is especially true with what Steven Forest named the Double Whammy or going both ways. Otherwise, if it's one way, the Neptune person will want to baby the Moon, and will cling to the Moon person for emotional security. The problem often occurs when one person, decides they want a little space or had things to do, without the other that the one is not needing space, Usually Neptune, is hurt. Learning to have outside activities is important or you can suffocate your relationship fast. There is the possibility of you deluding yourself with this aspect so do be aware. Otherwise, this is quite magical and provides the couple with a secure comfy blanket together when the worries of the world take over.

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Mercury

Neptune Square or Opposite your Partners Venus or Vice Versa: Audio click here to listen to the description.

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite your Partners Mars

Physically or sexually this position is fantastic, talk about not knowing where one ends and the other begins. This is a deeply romantic and highly spiritual connection but has its downside, of deceiving yourself. Simply because Neptune blurs and they can suffer from over-idealizing one another or by deceiving themselves ( Neptune) of what Mars actions truly are. This leaves an opening to deception but is not always the case. The opposition seems to offer more uncertainty along with the Square but lesser with the Conjunct. The Conjunct is actually quite magical and you may have visions while engaged in the act. Your physical boundaries are blurred which enhances the special effects and who doesn't like that?

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Saturn

This is generational so its effect are much less obvious and over the long term. However, it reflects a balance in one another's others long term goals. Saturn will help bring Neptune's dreams to life, in the real world. However, it may feel like Saturn Scoffs at them first.Other aspects always apply.

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Neptune

Generational aspect, a lot of glossing over things to keep the peace, but mostly similar spiritual beliefs.You are also both open to psychic attacks while out together. Be sure to protect yourself, by not letting people too close to your space that are negative. 

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Uranus

This can be a psychic connection however, many other aspects would need to be considered. Overall this is generational so it's effects are most likely little or over a long period of time. Generally it would indicate Uranus's radical ideas being supported by Neptune however, different they may be.

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Pluto

This is a Generational aspect.  It seems to be an odd energy since Pluto seeks to transform and Neptune isn't formed, or resists and dissolves. However, Pluto can definitely reinforce Neptune's ideals quite powerfully if the two stay open to each others ideas. Pluto needs to be conscious of the tendency to push ideals on Neptune. Much more can be derived from this aspect, but many other factors need to be considered first. This is very general.

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