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If you are a late degree Cancer Ascendant check the next sign that occupies the majority of your 1st house for a more accurate house transit prediction in your case it is Leo.

The month of November is fantastic month for Love and Money. Although you may have had a rough patch in these areas, you are looking at some very big moments for both. You are really stepping out and taking risks lately and you feel something is in the process of changing but you are exactly sure what. Normally you are not fond of change but something is different this time, you know it's positive. Those of you that are single you can expect things to pick up quite a bit this month with Venus in your 5th house. This is not only the house of Love and Romance but it's truly the house of fun. Chances are the more fun you have this month the more likely you are to meet your match. Don't worry you will have the cash to have fun too because Jupiter has got you covered in your 2nd. Just don't go to crazy fun doesn't always need to involve money there, are" lot's of things" you can like social gatherings with friends or family, just as long as your social is key. 

Many of you ended relationships approximately 2 1/2 years ago and are now ready to let new love in. Well, get out! You will meet your match this month.

Those of you that are "happily in love" there is good news for you too! You will make a deeper connection with your love this month making steps to making your relationship stronger. You will have many romantic nights and it's a excellent time to plan some fun with one another. 

Those of you that are suffering from "relationship drama", there is also good news for you too. This last eclipse should be kicking in, about now and there seems to be something "closing out for good" and looks like its best to let this person go. 

To those of you that are regretting your lost relationship, there is also good news for you too-  it looks like a window of opportunity may open up, of course it depends on how bad it was when it went down. However, new talks are possible and it looks like a ex love. So,  this month is excellent month for love no matter what your current situation.

Relationships with Children will be very pleasant, and you will be able to spend more time with them. 

On a career front many of you are feeling like it's time for a change, or may be feeling stuck in the mundane cycle of things. Don't worry, That's Uranus in your 10th house of Career. Change during this time is "inevitable" if you haven't already, keep your eyes out for opportunity it can come in a blink of a eye. 
A complete career change is common. However, it is also possible that you get a new job or a spot in your current company opens up that is more in line with your need for more Independence and freedom to be creative. 

The Full Moon this month is happening in your public or career sector bringing forth good news from work, or perhaps some public appraisal. 

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