Sunday, September 1, 2013


Moon Conjunct Sun

This is an excellent position for a long term relationship depending on if both people are comfortable with their role they play. This is because the Moon is feminine and the Sun is masculine. In a heterosexual relationship if the Man is the Moon and the Woman is the Sun there can be potential problems unless both parties fit the bill. The woman may feel that the Man is too emotional or sensitive to her liking, or if she tends to be the dominant one, it may work out quite well. In today's time, gender roles are quite different and it all depends on your flavor. This is the male and female dynamic that is both vitalizing and encouraging. In a heterosexual relationship, it typically works best if the Man is the Sun and for the Woman the moon. This adds a warmth, and balance in the natural nature. The Moon person can end up being the caretaker of the Sun, and maybe even take on a subservient role. So, depending on what your cup of tea is, you can gauge things from there. Overall it's a compatible placement, however, if one is not happy playing the Sun or the Moon then there can be conflicts.

Moon Conjunct Mercury

You are both very expressive with your feelings for each other. The Moon person seems to know all the right things to say, to make the Mercury person feel good. There may be a lot of communicating between the two which can lead to possibly talking over each other or interrupting. This is an active position where you both stimulate each other's minds and emotions and you can relate to each other's way of thinking and probably have a lot in common.

Moon Conjunct Venus

This is one you want, and if you have it lucky you! One of the absolutely sweetest aspects to have, that may be strong enough to push behind any other negative aspects in the synastry.You both truly just love each other and feel good together. You are highly supportive of each other and willing to work through any potential pitfalls most couples have by just being loving and understanding but mostly by always keeping the peace. This is a strong emotional attachment to each other, and you both are likely to feel better with each other than without. This is a very harmonious aspect to where you encourage and support one another. This also indicates that you have a lot in common and appreciate many of the same things.  These two are kind, considerate and romantic with one another. They make each other feel loved, respected and beautiful. This aspect eases over many of the harder aspects because you care about each other so much and you do not want to hurt the other, or waste time in an argument so you tend to let the small things go and choose to get along. This aspect can keep you together for a very long time and is seen in many true love type relationships that are sweet, caring and romantic. Fabulous aspect!

Moon Conjunct Mars

This one can be tricky on one hand the sexual attraction and satisfaction are likely to be very high. However, they may be many emotionally charged situations that occur within your relationship because with sexual intensity comes passion. The Mars person may end up being a little too aggressive or even abrasive with the sensitive Moon, and the Moon can find themselves hurt often. The Mars person may complain that the Moon person is too sensitive. However, the Mars person needs to be aware of the unconscious desire to push the Moon. Mars is pure energy, and depending on the sign the Mars is in and the Moon is in will depict more how this aspect will play out. If the Moon person is an Aries Moon that is ruled by Mars this may just be a passionate love inferno. However, if the Mars is in Aries and the Moon is in sensitive Cancer or Pisces, you can end up with hurt feelings that need to be constantly dealt with or if it's a fiery Manon a emotional battlefield.  Mars is pure vital energy and does not come with a filter like Pluto so Mars actions are usually not thought out.  Regardless Mars is aggressive and Moon is sensitive. Both parties need to be considerate of the others feelings to make this work out the best possible way. There will likely be a lot of sexual attraction as always when Mars is involved. If you both want the relationship to work then just be sensitive to one another, otherwise you will both tire of the exhausting arguments or complaints of hurt feelings.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Ahhh, the happiness and positivity that surround the two of you is likely to catch the eye of others around you. You tend to be ultra positive with each other, so positive that you may never have a problem because you both just can't seem to find one. This is of course other aspects allow. When the Moon is down, Jupiter will put an end to that fast. The two of you will feel lively, expansive and hopeful together. This is a big self-esteem booster aspect as well because you both can do no wrong. You probably share the same philosophy in life which makes for long-term growth together. You will enjoy traveling and learning new things and exploring new fields of interest together. This is such a feel good aspect that if other aspects allow you may just stay together forever, if not you will not part ways mad, but grateful to meet one another instead.

Moon Conjunct Saturn

This isn't an all bad aspect to many it provides a glue that makes two stick together. There is definitely a powerful connection that runs deep and may be continued from a Past life if the conjunction is exact. However, it depends on what the Moon needs, because if it's a sensitive Water Moon, it probably won't be too thrilled to find out that Saturn is not so, cozy. The Saturn person may suppress the emotions of the Moon person, which has a dampening effect on the passion of the relationship. There is a serious undertone, that you can find quite luring in the beginning. However, over time the Moon can feel lonely and unappreciated. This aspect can add emotional distance between two people who love each other but are unable to connect openly and romantically. Although the intimate moments they do have, embody all that they ever desired making this connection magnetic. You long to have those moments often but fail to realize that it's because they are so infrequent that the desire for each other is so strong. The glue is because you both long for that closeness that you think will come over time, so you stay together in hopes of being able to connect. Saturn is time, and in synastry, I think it plays an enormous role in the progression of a relationship. However, if there are other lighter aspects this can just mean the two of you are very serious with each other, and may not be comfortable with emotional displays. The Moon's sign must be considered and any aspect to Saturn from either partner for this aspect will work out very well, if so. If not you both need to be honest, with what you need and if the Saturn person is unable to give it, you need to understand that it may never come, and it's a sacrifice of passion for the dependability and the loyalty that comes with this aspect. Of course, there are many other aspects that can offset the negative side, the whole chart much always be taken in account.

Moon Conjunct Uranus

Love, at first sight, is often a result of this aspect. However, just as fast as you came together, things can end. Don't worry they will more than likely start up again, and then perhaps end again, then start right back up. Uranus energy is erratic and not in the least bit consistent. The Moon, on the other hand, is emotional and needs security. However, again it depends on the Sign the Moon is in if it's in Aquarius ruled by Uranus you might have a perfect match. Uranus will offer the Moon a new perspective on emotions by bringing out all kinds in the Moon. This is a thrilling position where they both challenge each other to appreciate freedom and learn to let go of emotional attachment. However, relationships are supposed to be attached so if that's the case perhaps Uranus should just stay single because relationships need a certain amount of consistency. Depending on how evolved the Uranus person is will depict the outcome. But you can bet this electric attraction will be one lighting bolt of surprises.

Moon Conjunct Neptune

This is a soul mate aspect, but preferably if it goes both ways. However, this aspect is super dreamy! Yes, you both will be in dream -time OR being locked away in a romantic genie bottle together.

As a matter of fact you don't mind being alone together at you two actually prefer it and could be locked away for an eternity and it still wouldn't be long enough. 

 However, it is possible that after a few years or even sooner one of you will want to go outside, or participate with others and the other might get hurt and feel like they are being abandoned or the dream is gone,  and this is where the problems may start. 

You see you both are connected on a highly spiritual plane and a psychic one. You see each other in a light that no mere mortal human can realistically live up to. You are addicted to the perfection, the romance and the glamour that you will have a very hard time living up to each others expectations for fear of letting the other one down. Always be honest with one another, no matter how difficult. It's ok to show your weakness, or share real life problems. You are very prone to idealize each other, only seeing the best.

There is nothing wrong with that all soul mate and dream relationships need Neptune and perhaps a little idealization. It's just that when the relationship gets comfortable or perhaps even suffocating and living up to the idea of perfection becomes cumbersome or exausting, then problems can and will arise. 

Remember what the two of you have been not totally normal or overly attached to the idea of your relationship. You both might have difficult up bringings, financial problems or other issues that most people have and in which you should share with each other and not try to cover them up or avoid them. 

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Intense interactions and emotions are likely to surface with this aspect. Pluto wants the Moon and all of the Moon's attentions and feelings. 

The Pluto person may bring to surface all sorts of powerful emotions out of the moon that the moon was previously unaware of. Their attraction to each other is a promise of deep emotional intensity and commitment.

 However, it's not all that easy working with such intense emotions. The Pluto person wants to know everything there is to know about the Moon. 

There also lies the possibility of control, jealousy, and possessiveness as with all Pluto contacts. You both need to be sensitive to each other and make sure that you do not play any games to stir the affections of the other by making the other jealous for this can have dire effects. Emotional honesty is the key, to a highly intense and passionate relationship minus all the potential drama.

Moon Trine or Sextile  Sun
Moon Trine or Sextile Moon
Moon Trine or Sextile Mercury
Moon Trine or Sextile Venus
Moon Trine or Sextile Mars
Moon Trine or Sextile Jupiter
Moon Trine or Sextile Saturn
Moon Trine or Sextile Uranus
Moon Trine or Sextile Neptune
Moon Trine or Sextile Pluto

Moon Square or Opposite Sun
Moon Square or Opposite Moon
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Moon Square or Opposite Mars
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Moon Square or Opposite Saturn
Moon Square or Opposite Neptune
Moon Square or Opposite Pluto


  1. Yes, moon conjunct venus is indeed a beautiful aspect. As you said, it smoothes out the rough edges; even with the challenging sun/moon square, moon/moon square and mars/venus opposition. We wind each other up when arguing, sure, and our habits and emotional natures are so different, but it never gets out of control. And after a while we sort of just feel silly we were mad in the first place, so we just smile, decide to hear each other out, kiss and move on :)

    1. Hey there! Yep very nice aspect, glossing over problems is where its at! Keeps things sweet:) who doesn't want that :-) thanks for visiting!!!!!!

    2. I have this with my husband, and it truly is a amazing aspect. We have some hard Pluto aspects so we get mad for a minute but I believe our Moon Venus to be the reason why we just get over it. Being mad at each other feels wrong, and we just can't stay mad. I love it! and as you say Zahara, yes we gloss over our problems, lol and yes it's sweet:)

  2. Could you explain Moon conjunct Moon? We have this in Cancer.. seems like a pretty good aspect?

    1. Yes I'm sorry I missed that one! It's a very intuitive link between the two you can sense each other's emotions and therefore intuit what the other needs. You understand one another and show affection similarly and easily. You both care for one another and nurture each other. You may even respond emotionally similarly to each other. It's a highly compatible aspect.for a long term relationship.