Saturday, August 3, 2013


The Vertex is a magnetic axis that is designed  to bring fated meetings with others whom we need to learn particular qualities, characteristics, virtues or particular attributes from. They can also push us into new areas and new discoveries about ourselves and hold the keys to us being our best version of our self. They usually possess things in which we need to consciously incorporate into our personalities to live at our optimum. 

Depending on the house your Vertex is in, as well as the Planet involved will give further details into the particular qualities this person will bring out, or point out in you.

The Vertex is involved in many important meetings and tends to draw in the type of energy of the planet that transits to it. For instance, if you have Jupiter transit to your Vertex, you can expect to meet a person who will help you expand, be more optimistic, have more faith, or even promote your talents and abilities and even add to them.

In love relationships when the Vertex is activated, you can expect much of the same. You were destined to meet them so that you could learn and incorporate particular qualities or virtues from them that would highly benefit you.

In synastry when someone's planet aspects your Vertex, there if the attraction is mutual, there is a strong pull to be together and a sense of knowing that this meeting is somehow fated. Depending on what planet touches the others Vertex will depict what they can learn from the other person.

Transits to the Vertex, bring the planetary energy of the transiting planet to the Vertex person, and this person that crosses their path will have these particular talents, skills or personality traits along with ideas as to what the Vertex person will benefit from if they were to incorporate into their personality, career, or whatever area is exposed.

 If the Planet is the Sun, they have viable information on how the Vertex person can project themselves, shine, or build a stronger identity. Things that will help the Vertex person accomplish their life goals.

With Venus there are Venusian benefits to being had, increase money, improve in the way we look, attract, or ways to make money, could also be a lover to show us how to love. Could be a female friend who teaches us a new style, whatever, it is it will be beneficial.

Each planet brings a different flavor, I will be writing more about the planets in a later post.

As for now, Keep an eye on transits to your Vertex, these are fated meetings in which you do not want to miss. So if you are having a planet transit to your Vertex, get out and mingle the person you will meet will be very important and will show you something in which is very important to your life path. The Vertex is very important and there is much that has been recently discovered about its importance even more so now. I will be writing much more on it very soon, with regards to synastry along with Vertex through the signs. Check back soon!


  1. I have someone that I'm interested in, her POF in her 10th house exactly conjucts my vertex in my 8th house, both in Taurus. I think the feeling is mutual and there are other connecting aspects, but what could this mean for a potential relationship?

    1. Hi The general gist.. is She will bring fortune to your 8th house matters. Her fortune and happiness come from career and her place in the world. She could bring you fortune or happiness in areas of intimacy and shared resources. There is a lot to synastry and other aspects will depict more specifically.

  2. I have a vertex-sun double whammy with my friend I have feelings for. My sun is Oppo his vertex. And His sun is Oppo my vertex. His Progressed vertex is also opposite my progressed sun!

    1. You remind me, I need to write about the Anti-vertex aspects which is what the opposite Vertex aspects are. They are very powerful connections very similar to Vertex.