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APRIL is an ACTION PACKED MONTH! THE month begins with a lucky Sun trine Uranus aspect,on April 2nd, allowing us to be bold or daring and to pursue a different route or make a change for the better whether it's personal or in Relationships (check the houses in which the Sun and Uranus are in your chart for where you should take action) .

The really big news is we have yet another Full moon/lunar eclipse is at 14 degrees Libra and occurs April 4, at 8:05 A.M., EST.  This powerful lunar eclipse lands in the sign Libra that are the ruler of marriage and partnerships or the 7th house. Eclipses bring closure and new beginnings both can be equally rewarding. Sometimes we want to rid ourselves of things or someone and eclipses help us do so. Sometimes we just wish for a new start, which they help also. However this eclipses can be dramatic for some which is not always easy and sometimes we are forced to let go of things we don't feel we want to but it's really best if we do eclipse make it so. However, it does not need to be an end or a beginning in the literal sense it can be a new perspective, or enlightenment that occur.

Well, this lunar eclipse April 4th will put the spotlight on relationships any and all kinds. We ask ourselves all sorts of questions with regards to how we relate to others, How we give and take, are we getting what we give them? are we being fair and hearing other people out, do we dominate conversations and alienate ourselves, are we insensitive to others, do we spend the time to nurture relationships, all this things will come into focus. 

Think back to the last eclipse in Libra on April 4, 1996. Try to recall what happened at this time, it was likely quite memorable and powerful, as this one will be.

This eclipse is ultra potent because it will set off the Uranus-Pluto square ( see if any of your personal planets will be hit). If the aspects are hard then this might trigger a dramatic or painful event, if not a change or difficulty, whatever the case it will be sudden and unexpected.

We gotta take all things into consideration and why it's really difficult to say what you can expect without seeing the whole chart.

Eclipses are not always bad they can be equally very positive!-it all depends on how your own natal chart is aspected and where these eclipses are happening. I find them to offer Transformation to a better stage in one's life. Yes, some relationships will come to an end if they are more trouble than not.  If you are concerned about your relationship you should schedule a reading to have your chart looked at specifically. 

There is a lot more going on the eclipses are just the start! April it's a big month for a lot of change and change can be tough although we know it's essential. The run down is as so:

April 5, the Sun squares Pluto this affects us all but some more than others. Usually, there are Power struggles, feelings of discontent, some people are having drama in their lives so it's best to keep to yourself during this time and don't go anywhere that can be dangerous.  If you are feeling build up within yourself, realize that this is common and try not to act out until this transit has passed. 

 Dig deep within and find the source of the frustration, then write out what it is that you can no longer deal with and wait till this transit is over to discuss it. If you don't have anything you need to purge this can be an excellent time to make changes for your betterment, learn about yourself and how you can be more authentic to you or demand you get the respect you deserve, whatever the case. Just watch out for compulsive behavior often we regret it, so be wise in your delivery. Also stay low key and don't go anywhere dangerous, This aspect can set off violence in it's worse.

April 6, the Sun conjuncts Uranus This can bring sudden feelings or frustration as well, especially if you have been caught in the mundane, feelings of being stuck are common. The high-voltage Uranus energy can make us feel agitated, it's temporary so don't make sudden impulse decisions, wait til after it passes. You know, Uranus is all about freedom, but you may not want it after you get it- so don't end a relationship on a moment's notice. Also not a good time to tell others what to do, others are under Uranus energy being a little more stubborn and easily agitated when someone tells then what to do. Better off just staying cool this day. 

April 7, Mercury squares Pluto this transit can make us paranoid, and over reactive. But it's also a good time to research or look into things of interest.  Some people may be looking for a fight don't engage and keep your emotions in check. Be careful traveling as this transit is prone to accidents.

April 8, Mercury conjuncts Uranus  a very creative time where you can get sudden insights, genius ideas and the urge to say what's on your mind no matter how quirky! This can Make us quick to decide but not always wise, so take care in your decisions. Travel accidents can occur or electrical problems with cars so are careful. Good time, to brainstorm for creative ideas, and out of the box ideas.

The BIG NEWS and Positive News!

Atlas!!! Benefactor Jupiter turns direct April 8, at 12:58 P.M., EST

Weeeeee! Let the good times roll!  the planet MORE, ABUNDANCE, JOY AND EXPANSION turns direct SO THE BENEFITS ARE BACK ON. I just love Jupiter, we all do and after a four-month retrograde that started on December 8, 2015, I have had enough! Its time, to lay it on thick!  Many things that have been delayed will start to move forward again in the days to come and expect rewards in the house he is traveling in!

Things will start moving now in a positive direction thanks to abundant Jupiter and his generosity. We will feel much more positive, travel is favored, and anything that you have put on hold you most certainly should get started now you have Jupiter's blessing.

If Jupiter turns direct on a personal planet you are even more in luck!  This year Leo's are in the limelight especially if they have many planets in Leo. Of course we all benefit according to the house that Leo is in, and we can expect gains in that area of our life.

Jupiter will be in the stationary direct period until April 25 when it starts to move forward again and the positive energy really begins to kick in. Although I can feel it almost immediately for some it may take more time. Aquarians will fair well in relationships this year thanks to Jupiter in the 7th the opposite sign of Leo which rules your 7th house.

April 11, Venus enters Gemini feelings can change quickly and we become much more sociable. Expect to see rewards in the house that Gemini is in.

April 14, Mercury enters Taurus. We become more interested in the finer and more sensual side. We are more focused and willing to do the work to obtain our desires but also become much more stubborn in our opinions.

April 15, Venus opposes Saturn Relationships will be tested, the romance may take a back seat to other issues that crop up. Remember if your relationship is stable you have nothing to worry about but if you have been having issues they will become more pronounced at this time and some can break.

April 16, Pluto turns retrograde at 11:51, EST

Pluto is about making a deep change, usually whether we want to or not we do. This is because he goes deep beneath the surface and pulls out whatever lies below. Our feelings and desires are intensified. Pluto seems to affect relationships quite powerfully because it is often a place where we look for others to give us what we need and when Pluto is retrograde we think deeply about whether or not we are getting it. If you are not it will now become obvious.

Power struggles should lay off during this time the desire to conquer and win becomes more subversive rather than explosive. When Pluto goes direct long-term issues of power will surface again. But, as Pluto retrogrades we have the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective not so compulsive but more aware.

While Pluto is retrograde its energy is often internalized, as opposed to being out in the open for all to see. Let go of what is making it's way out it's the only way to successfully handle Pluto. Do not engage in trying to force things to stay.

April 17, Mars squares Jupiter A Great day to take a leap and go for it, just make sure your not overly unrealistic because in the negative we can make a foolish decision out of over-optimism but we will feel the courage to try.

This day, look to where Mars and Jupiter are to see where you might feel inclined to take a risk or go for it and perhaps evaluate it first to be sure it's not completely foolish.

April 18, this month's New Moon falls at 28 degrees of Aries pushing us even further to just go for it. This bold new Moon is energizing us to stop waiting and start doing go ahead and be bold, luck favors the bold on this day.

April 20, the Sun enters Taurus at 5:42 AM. We are feeling much more Sensual and relaxed we want the finer things and we need security in our relationships.

April 22, Venus sextiles Jupiter, a great day for love and romance plan a date with your partner or get out to meet someone!

April 30, Mercury enters Gemini-  Thinking and communication become quicker and more intellectual. It's a great day to work on multiple projects, or get out and socialize.

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