Thursday, January 23, 2014


JUNE 2014

If you are a late degree Scorpio Ascendant check the next sign also which occupies most of your 1st house which in your case would be Sagittarius.

The Sun begins June with his movement into your natural 8th house making you much more mysterious than you already are which is what you prefer with the Sun here. However, You can also receive some extra money from a outside source during this time, like a partner or a bank. 

Scorpio you have been in the becoming stage and the universe has been working you over in some deep psychological ways. Saturn's transit through your 12th has been quite a trip! however, it has released a lot of your skeletons or ways in which you have built some of those irrational fears you Scorpios and build up and it's not without good reason. However this release was critical to you moving in a less, intrusive and fear driven way. You have learned to let go. This lesson was no ride through the park, it was quite intense. Your way of going about what you get are experiencing a complete make over and you are being given more self control than you have had in the past.

Saturn has since moved in your 1st house although he is now retrograde returning back for one more attempt to see if there is anything else that needs to go. When he turns direct motion in your 1st you will be on a brand new path to emotional containment, and progress through managing your emotions. You are a attachment person that needs deep commitments. However the way in which you have been going about them has not been working. You are now presented with a new detached perspective. Where the focus is more on you rather than your need for intense partnerships which has caused more drama than good in your life. Saturn will empower you in a new way and when Saturn leaves your 1st house you will know exactly who you are if you have had any confusion in the past.  Your ruling planet however,  has made his way into your thinking, communicating and mind. With Pluto here you are receiving a make over in the way that you think. You are able to focus more but this is not a problem most Scorpios have. They are known for there focus. However, Pluto's transit here for you may indicate a make over in your precondition, and your perception. You are bound to see things quite differently at the end of this transit. You need to be careful not to become to passive aggressive rather than direct with Pluto here. Pluto although powerful is not always direct. You can use this time to accomplish allot you will have strong focus and a deep interest even more than you have had in the past in learning about darker subjects, or conspiracy's and hidden agendas. Along with this another side effect is that you become more aggressive in your speech and need to watch out for being too bossy. However the power than comes from this placement can be quite good. You may experience Plutonian neighbors or face manipulative behavior locally from others. However, the 1st part is more likely.

There is a strong possibility you may travel this month with all those planets gathered up in your 9th house of long distance travel and expansion. You are definitely feeling the urge to get out and go somewhere. If you haven't already chances are you will make it happen. Jupiter rarely let's on not get away with a Vacation while he is in his own house! but that's not all you also have the new moon and mercury lighting up this house beginning on the 1st. I have to say get planning if you haven't already. Let me know where you went!

As far as relationships go you sexy Scorpio you are just in luck whether you are in a relationship or looking things are going to get good. The month begins with Venus the goddess of love in your 7th house of partners making you extra sexy attracting others to you like a crazy. As if you needed any more sex appeal. If you are single you will meet someone of interest this month, your relationships with others are about to take off. You will be feeling much more social during this time and because of this will have many opportunities for romance with people that are a good match for you. One of these can turn into a long term relationship. Venus here indicates a love mate. If you are already married your marriage will get a boost from Venus and you may notice a touch of added romance to the equation. You and your partner will get along extremely well, behaving in a sweeter manner adding to the already wonderful relationship you have. In some cases there can be jealousy from the partner to you or you to them because you both are craving a bit more drama to spice things up. You will be the center of attention with Venus here so have fun with it.

Be careful not to get wrapped up in a complicated or secret affair during his time because Mars will be in your house of things hidden and there is often a urge to participate in such things. However, it can also indicate that you want to exert your efforts at work without any attention. Or you work in a place away from it all during this time, or somehow secluded from it all. 

It is a great month for you, you will have a lot of fun and love this month so by all means have a fabulous time.

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