Friday, January 24, 2014


JUNE 2014

If you are a late degree Cancer Ascendant check the next sign that occupies the majority of your 1st house for a more accurate house transit prediction in your case it is Leo.

June is all about you! Although there will be some contradictie energy present you can take note and make the best of the good. Although June's Sun will be spening time in your house of hidden and seclusion causing you to want to spend some time alone or secluded you will other aspects pushing you to get out.

Jupiter has been working to help you feel on top of the world, if other aspects apply. If you have been feeling down or recovering from a break up Jupiter's transit to your sign has definitely helped you recover. Jupiter wants you to take care of yourself, you may be spending time making yourself look and feel better. Taking care of your outward appearance has been on the agenda.


June's gift is a group of planets in your 1st house of self along with Jupiter you have the Moon and Mercury. You will be much more emotionally expressive than you have been in the past. You are sensitive to others as well at this time since the Moon is making you much more intuitive and being since you are already a intuitive person for the 1st two days of the month you will notice this much more. Mercury is making you say how you feel and expressing your needs much more clearly.


 Jupiter is also opposing your 7th house of partners where powerhouse Pluto has been hanging out, breaking down your relationships and empowering you to demand what you need in a relationship and willing to make the changes necessary. You may have been encountering much more aggressive, dominating or manipulative people during this time, or you yourself may take on these traits with others. Be careful not to burn to many bridges you never know when you will need one. Watch out for a need to be bossy or demanding. You may meet a very powerful person during Pluto's transit here that will help you overcome some deep seated insecurities or this person may provide you with a intense deep interaction that pulls out all sorts of compulsions in you, you never had in the past. You crave a little drama now, or at least need your relationships to infuse you with passion. If you were partnered up you may have experienced deep transformation and in some cases a break up.

 If that's not enough you have Saturn suppression in your 5th house of love,  fun, romance and children, putting stress on these areas, perhaps making this area much more serious. You can also meet a older person and start a love affair during this time if you are single or someone of stature. If you have children they can require much more of your time. Good times may need to take a back seat for a bit, but it's all in due time. This can also indicate a new relationship with someone that is much more serious than your use to or if you are a creative person Saturn's visit here might add a more conservative tone.


Need more Independence at work? now is the time. You can expect some interesting things on the career front. Sudden new opportunities can present them self, you can expect the unexpected at work. There is a possibility of you changing careers to something that is more supportive of your uniqueness or authentic to your true self. It is important that you stand out now, that you approach the world in a new and innovative way. You need much more freedom at work to be yourself. A sudden career change may be on the agenda, and encouraged at this time. If you don't change careers things at work may change up a bit so get ready. The good news is Jupiter will be moving into your 2nd house in the next couple of months providing you with a monetary increase which can mean a new job or a new source of income, so perhaps a change is part of the deal. So keep things coo until then.


June brings lovely Venus into your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. Although you have Saturn in your house of fun slowing things down, Venus in your 11th will help you stay social. Close friends and associates are likely to take up much of your time. It seems as if everyone wants you at there gig or to spend time with you now. You are much more popular with friends and you may end up meeting some beneficial people during this period if you have had bad luck with Friends in the past.

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