Thursday, January 23, 2014


JUNE 2014

If you are a later Leo Ascendant you may want to also read the following sign since it likely takes up most of your 1st house for the sake of transit accuracy in your case it would be Virgo.

Highlighted this month are friends, home, and career.


June begins with the Sun moving into your 11th house of groups, associations and friends. You will take on a more social approach to your friends and they you. You may get a phone call from a friend you haven't heard from in a while or you may find you are feeling much more social needing to connect with others. You may want to join a group or a cause of some sort. However, you can expect to spend more time with friends.


Venus makes her glorious way into your 10th house of honors, rewards and career. This is a wonderful time when things at work pick up. You are in the spotlight. People are taking notice of you now and appreciating your hard work. You may get a promotion or a raise at this time. If you are looking for a job you can expect to find one. Opportunities will be presented at this time for advancement so keep your eyes on the look out. The people like you at this time, so get out and mingle. You have the gift of diplomacy and are craving the lime light. Chances are you will have it.


Mars is stimulating your 3rd house this month and your urge to get moving and conversing. You have a lot to say now and there is less fear or worry of saying the wrong thing. You may do more local travel than usual. Perhaps you have to commute to other locations for work, or you have more errands to run or people to see. You will have a busy schedule during this time. Because things are a little more hectic try to take it slower to prevent any minor accidents or set back. You have a ton of mental energy now, so if you are a writer you can get a lot done. If you are in the business of communications, commerce or speaking, things will pick up in these areas. You will have the energy to take on the tasks so make the most of this time, by taking care of all things related.


Saturn stressing out your home environment might add additional responsibilities at home. Someone may need your help and a place to stay. Your family members may be adding additional stress, experiencing problems in which they come to you for help. You may need to make some home repairs or experience some unexpected additional expenses that are home related. You are feeling much more structured or the need for it, because of these new found pressures. You can take this opportunity to learn or set boundaries of others. You will have higher expectations of yourself and your home. You may want to clear out clutter and organize and now is the perfect time to do so.


Pluto the planet of hard balling and extremes is stirring up your house of routine, day to day activities, work and health. You may having been taking a interest in your health, starting a new and extreme health regimen. Pluto likes to break down and in this case it may be your bad habits, or your simple routine.

Pluto is also Rehabilitation, and you are more likely to want to fix your body up at this time. But remember that Pluto rules Obsession too so don't get too extreme to where you hurt yourself with some extreme diet or workout. Anytime Pluto makes a visit we must emphasize moderation, which Pluto knows nothing of, however maybe you can try to teach him, by being aware.  Be careful of office politics and strains with co-workers and subordinates trying to bully you or using passive aggressive behavior. Pluto rules large scale forces beyond our control so things may get sticky for no apparent reason.  If you’re self-employed, you will still have to watch out for changes in your industry that can force you to the unemployment line if you are not keeping abreast the latest. It's a good time for therapy if you feel you need it. You can face some aggression with authorities or blockers on your daily routine causing you to take a different route than usual. Use this time to get healthy why not you will feel and look better what harm is that.


There may be some confusion around your partners money if you have one with Neptune's fog injected in your house of others resources, sex and taxes. You may find yourself more interested in mysteries of the universe, spirituality or things of a metaphysical nature. Sex will be highly sensual and romantic, and perhaps even ethereal. You will merge your resources easily with another as well so be careful not to choose a untrustworthy person to do so. You may need to be more compassionate and somewhat of a therapist for others during this time as well, be sure not to let yourself be drained by psychic vampires. You may receive some money from a strange or nebulous source. Or your partner may be much more generous and wiling to help you than normally. It is also possible that your partner relies more on you financially during this time.


Your universal gift is taking place in your house of undoing, seclusion, hospitals service things that are behind the scenes. This grand gathering of Jupiter, Moon and Mercury in the 1st week of June is likely to make all things in these areas much more pleasant. You may have to visit your Mom in the hospital or a woman you know may need medical attention. Jupiter here says all will be OK. You will have luck in finding the right place. You also will feel a need to rest and relax or get away from it all and perhaps with drawl into your own world. However with all these other active transits it is likely that is not what you will be doing. You will be busy handling things that require your personal attention. The pleasant part of these transits is you will feel good where ever you might be or whatever you might be doing no matter how tedious because you are in a much more service oriented mode and are much more sensitive to others pains.


Uranus has been breaking you free of any preconditioned beliefs causing you to seek out your own personal truths. You are more interested in how the universe works, religion, and philosophy. You want answers to lifes tough questions. You may have a sudden opportunity to travel which will be well deserved and quite exciting.

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