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JUNE 2014

If you are a late degree Libra Ascendant then you may want to also read the sign in your 1st house in your case it would be Scorpio for the purpose of transit timing.

Libra you have been experiencing the expansive energy of Jupiter boosting your 10th house of Career or Public Honors. Anything related to looking good to the public and having others approval. This energy is approximately every 10 yrs. Think back to 10 years ago what type of Career Expansion or Public Honors were you experiencing. This is important to remember because this opportunity won't be for another 10 yrs. What you do with this time is very important. You need to seize the opportunity or create your ideal career opportunity and go for it during this time, you have a strong chance in getting it.  It is equally important that you do not get too boastful during this time creating enemies. You need to use this confidence and the need for approval to build others trust in you and then maintain it. You can often promise more than  you can do during this time because Jupiter knows no boundaries much like Neptune however, Jupiter blows up. You need to really go for it during this time. If you are unemployed you will most certainly find a job now. It can be one where you work allot because Jupiter increases everything. However, you will likely have a larger title or more income now.

June begins with a multitude of planets which indicates a lot of energy in your 10th house. Beginning with June 1st, the Moon, Mercury along with abundant Jupiter are all occupants of your 10th. Within the 1st week of June, you will absolutely hear some news regarding a new job if you are looking. If you are employed you may get a promotion if you haven't already when Jupiter 1st hit your 10th house. With the added Moon and Mercury news from a woman may be the case but it is regarding 10th house matters.

Along with this expansive energy in your 10th house you are being backed up with even more energy and confidence this Month with Mars charge forward energy in your 1st house of the physical body. You will be double dosed with confidence and energy to tackle any of your career goals now. You will have a lot of energy this month so use it to get a lot done. A lot of positive things happening for you.

Saturn has been RX in your 2nd house of income which you have probably experienced a slow down in your income area or some type of salary cut or maybe your expenses have gone up. Whatever the case its possible your earned income has gone down. If this has not been the case then restructuring your finances and planning for the future has become much more important to you since Saturn's visit here.  This slowing of income hasn't been enough to make it unbearable because Saturn here doesn't typically do that. However the fact that you have so much positive energy happening in your 10th house of Career to begin the month along with Jupiter to expand. We see Saturn will be making you work for what you get, you may find yourself working very hard at this new job. However, Saturn's rewards are long lasting so do the best you can.

Your relationship with others has taken on a new flavor also. You have had Uranus the planet of different, unique, controversy-stirring things up in your partnership house. If you were in a relationship when Uranus 1st put his foot here then you may have felt an underlining urge to perhaps run for the hills? OK maybe not that bad but a buzzing energy that was quite obvious either within you or your partner. Perhaps they had to work more allowing more freedom for you. If you and your partner were unable to handle this new found desire for more freedom you may have gone your separate ways. If that is the case there will be a new relationship energy presented to you. This is the time when one will likely meet their best friend or someone that brings them out of their shell. It is also possible that if you are dating you suddenly a partner that you can start a friendship and relationship built on equality and freedom.  Things are changing up and will continue to do so until the end of the year. Erratic unpredictable relationships are probable.

June will be a great month for sex and your partner will probably spend some extra money on you because Venus is starting the Month off in your 8th house of Sex and Partners Money ( resources). Or perhaps you and your partner form a deeper bond because you are having so much sex. It is also possible that you decide to move in together if you don't already live together. Venus transiting here implies shared resources a merging of some sort. Of course, this is assuming your relationship is solid. However with Uranus in your 7th it could be you meet someone suddenly and Venus in the 8th is someone that would likely share with  you would benefit from because of their desire to share. It also indicates deep sexual satisfaction if you are married or in a relationship things are about to get a steamy push. Good times ahead. You can also inherit money during this time. Regardless of how you are likely to receive from an outside resource including a financial institution. It's not from your job.

June is a great month; you will be feeling good with the Sun's entrance into your 9th house. The 9th house is a Jupiter ruled house and when the Sun is here pretty much all of us feel good. You will have the additional confidence with Mars in your 1st giving you the energy and determination to accomplish your goals. Along with all the positive planets in your 10th. You are the star this month. Remember this time with Jupiter in the 10th will pass sooner than you think make the most of it!

Much positive energy sent your way!

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