Saturday, January 25, 2014


JUNE 2014

If you are a late Gemini Ascendant you want to check the sign that covers most of your 1st house as well for transiting planet accuracy in your case it would be Cancer.

The month of June will be a excellent month for your financial situation so take care of any outstanding bills that may be holding you back. You have already had Jupiter hit this house which likes to do things in a big way, so expect a windfall or extra cash to enjoy yourself with. Also Bringing in the Month with the Sun in your Sign, you can expect to feel much more confident and willing to step out into the light on your own. You will want to promote yourself, or take more interest in yourself, which is a great time for you to pursue any interests you have. Your confidence is sparkling and you feel great! Of course check for any sappy aspects to your Sun that can calm the need for self expression. Otherwise you will be the in the spot light or seeking it anyway. 


Your June bundle of Joy will show up in your 2nd house of earned income, possessions and self esteem. You have Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter all here bringing in the money and expanding your things of value. Use this time to acquire the things you may have needed. Others are much more generous with you during this time, if you need money ask for it, you will more than likely get it. If you are in a relationship your partner may be apt to spend money on you or shower you with some lovely gifts. Your confidence increases as your things of value increase, I know a little shallow. However, it feels good to have new things and in return you are likely to be much more generous with others, making them in return more generous with you. Mercury rules communications, writing, and the mail. Home business is a good idea where it would require you to communicate or ship merchandise. You may come across a new way of making money. Take advantage of this time, but don't be irresponsible by spending more than you have. Chances are you will have more than enough during this time, so i wouldn't worry too much. Just plan ahead.


Mars is at home in your 5th house of fun. You want to express yourself creativity now. There is also a strong need to have fun and you crave romance. Guess what because your desires are focused here you are very likely to get it. Your powers of charm are off the hook now, if you are single you may meet someone that is exactly the energetic bundle of fun you need. If you are in a relationship you can expect sparks all over the place. You may engage in much more sex than normal because you are oozing sex appeal and your partner knows it. This house is about to get kicked up a notch assuming there are no aspects blocking this energy. You want to step out and be noticed, compliments will get you everywhere, and they will get everywhere with you. You may begin a new creative project that you have been wanting to implement for some time. Ceres the asteroid of healing will be in the mix you can meet someone that offers you healing in love, or maybe  if you have been single. You may take on a interest in children perhaps if you don't have any a new desire for one will begin. If you already have children they may be a little more aggressive right now or hyperactive. They may require more of your physical effort. However, fun times are on the agenda, so let yourself have it.


Saturn's judgmental eye is all over these areas. You may have taken on a lot more work that doesn't seem to bring in anymore money, or you may be needed much more by others taking up a lot of your time. Things at the office may be less fun and more work, hopefully your not dealing with any judgemental critical people at work making your life hell, if so there are probably some hard aspects going on with your planets. This produces a interest in your health, sometimes issues flare up that need attention so you can have the opportunity to take care of yourself and heal by the time Saturn leaves this house. You might have actually took on a  new health regime, bought a Juicer or started a new weight loss or work out plan. My advise is to be diligent in these areas and you will receive the rewards at the end of this transit. If you do not, you can end up existed and feeling ill. Take care of yourself!


You are a magnet for Sex having Pluto home. He likes to add intensity to what he touches. You may have dug so deep into your psyche that you now need to dig yourself out. That's not a problem with Pluto here. He leaves no stone unturned, drawing out passions in you, you made have kept hidden. You have been diving deep into the secrets of the world, getting closer to the real source of any family issues you may have carried with you perhaps having family secrets exposed. The house of sudden change, twists and extremes is being navigated by it's owner so this is one of the most powerful transits that will empower you at the end, but not without a viewing of the ugly things you kept in there first. However, you are your own psychologist now, so make the necessary extractions and keep what is working for you. You may attract people that need never ending emotional support now. If you are involved in a relationship there may be issues over shared resources that need handling. Your sex life is likely to become much more steamy and intense. You will increase your interest in all things taboo, and daring. Craving intense love relationships, be careful not to start too much of a fire that you burn yourself up. 


You may have been experiencing some confusion around work, perhaps feeling a longing to pursue your creative side, or something more glamorous if you are not already in it. Neptune has made you desire a more spiritual or metaphysical side of things, or even something more creative. You don't want the pressures of climbing the ladder during this time, you want to have flexibility and public notoriety is much less important to you at this time. You may catch yourself day dreaming of the perfect job while you are at work. There may have been some confusion with other people at work or even a betrayal or two. Maybe it's time you pursue your dreams. Take a look into your hearts desire and see how you can make it work, Neptune will help.

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