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Natal: Mars in the houses

Mars in Astrology represents our exertion, our physical energy, our action, determination, aggression and sexual impulse.

Mars in the 1st house

You will take on many of the qualities that are associated with the sign of Aries- which is a "do it now" type of energy. Don't think, do. You are enthusiastic about taking on challenges and may even come across aggressively. You are not afraid to ask for what you want or go after it. (Some people with this aspect are fighters, wrestlers or into martial arts of some sort). 

You have great stamina and strength.  You can get fidgety and frustrated if you are idle too long. You are usually on the move or doing something. You probably accomplish more in a day than most. You might be somewhat of a risk taker in many aspects of your life. You don't like to not do anything, you would rather do something. You are usually the first to take the lead. You are passionate and have a zest for life and experience. You speak your mind and say it like it is. You need an outlet for the amount of energy within you. So get plenty of exercise.
 If Mars is afflicted you can be overly argumentative, pushy, dominating and run the risk of offending people. A conscious effort needs to be made to avoid doing this.

Mars in the 2nd house

With Mars in the second house, you are highly ambitious but not wildly risky. You are more of the -slow-n- steady kind but with a bold twist. You have enormous willpower and stamina to achieve any goal you set for yourself. Acquiring things of value is your favorite pass time.  You may have to work hard and long for what you do make so try not to compulsively spend. You will  make a nice life for yourself.  Men, in particular, might help you come up with new ways of making money, you tend to fall prey to starting money making projects before thinking them through, which can be both positive and negative. However, When you do something, you want to do the "best job possible". You can exert your energy and time into one area for long periods of time.  You will be a passionate and loyal lover and perhaps a bit jealous or competitive. Your money and what you own are things that are a driving forces for you. You may be aggressive when it comes to making money, pursuing it as one of your passions. You have probably spent much time developing a healthy self-esteem or your self-esteem may be reliant on your capabilities and what you have.

Mars in the 3rd house

You may have very little patience when it comes to communicating with others. You also may lack  as some say a " filter" when it comes to speaking your mind. You have a quick mind and are excellent at debate. You also may have difficulty staying focused or listening to others, you may tend to "interject" your opinion or interrupt. You are very expressive but run the risk of talking too much, cutting others off, or not listening mainly because your mind is so fast, you easily get bored. You can come up with ideas  as if they fell out of the air. You are quick to speak and make sure others know where you stand and what's on your mind. The concern is you can possibly end up running a monolog or over talking others, to where you alienate yourself. Learning and expanding your mind and knowledge are very important for you. You are always on the move, constantly exploring ideas. If used with tact  you can be a very powerful speaker and deliberate speaker.

Mars in the 4th house

You are an energetic person, with a fiery nature. You put a lot of your energy in at home or with family. You may have grown up in a hostile, aggressive or simply passionate environment. Your parents may be hot-tempered or feisty. You may have a temper yourself, that seems to take place mostly at home, or with family. You may have been involved in or experienced a fire in the home at some point throughout your life. You love to spend your energy and time with family and at home or you find that family takes up much of your time.

Mars in the 5th house

Having plenty of leisure time is what you need. You love to enjoy yourself with the simple pleasures in life. You are creative, playful and quite the lover. You are expressive but proud and love to be the center of attention.You are probably very agile and good at sports. You may be a gambler, However, for the most part, you like fun, leisure, love romance and may even gamble from time to time. You are a risk taker and have a high sex drive that needs a regular relationship outlet. Children will be very important to you or you may have a strong drive to have them. 

Mars in the 6th house

You are always doing everything for everyone else, because you are just so good at it all. You are precise in your approach to getting things done. You are probably really good with system implementation or improving the efficiency of the things. You are very meticulous in your work and might even be a bit of a perfectionist. You may face aggression at the workplace, or you may be forceful yourself. You will be very agile with good balance and probably quite good at sports or things that require strategy. You are probably a great jack-of-all-trades always knowing how to fix things or make them work properly. You like to assist and are always ready to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Your health is strong and you probably rarely get sick unless mars are afflicted. You make a great analyzer always able to get to the bottom of things.

Mars in the 7th house

You put a lot of your effort into others developing close associates or contacts. You are very social and friendly. You tend to attract partners that are aggressive, outspoken or fiery. Relationships are important to you, and you are always there for a friend in need. You are very active.

Mars in the 8th house
You love mysteries, secrets, and puzzles " rolling in the deep", preferably with a partner. You are highly sexual and use it a form to express your intense emotions. You enjoy all things metaphysical, spiritual and compelling. You are not much afraid of anything, you have strong will power and drives. You put a lot of energy into your Partners. You will likely benefit from your partners.

Mars in the 9th house

You are always in pursuit of the new and exciting and are probably quite the adventurer. You love long distance travel and exploring new and unknown cultures, practices, or arts. You have faith in life and in others. You are probably attracted to people from another culture than your own in which you can learn and experience new things. You may relentlessly pursue new truths, and may find that in your experiences you have discovered you own truth.

Mars in the 10th house

You have a strong drive to be acknowledged or recognized for your talents and achievements. Your profession, reputation and where you stand in the world are very significant to you. You may face hostility at the workplace occasionally, or you might be highly competitive always pushing to the front. It's is also possible that your father may have had a fiery temper, or was someone that always took the initiative. You may tend to exhaust yourself at work, or overwork in general. You will do well in careers that require a certain courage and fearlessness to achieve your goals.

Mars in the 11th house

Friendships are essential to you and you may have quite a few. You probably are also someone that belongs to some sort of group or association. If not it would be a good idea since this is where you shine and will be quite active. You actively pursue your hopes and wishes with vigor and you are not afraid to go after what you want. You are a leader in the group or you may find you attract leader type friends or high energy types. You put much of your energy into your friends, and may experience a burn out at some point if you are doing more for others than yourself or trying to make everyone happy.

Mars in the 12th house

You may have reservations about expressing your needs or finding your passion. You tend towards mystical pursuits or understandings. You may have difficulty figuring out exactly what it is that you want to do. Just know that you are very creative but lack discipline and focus, so set goals but make sure you follow through.
You are sensitive and may feel uncomfortable standing up for yourself or may try to avoid dealing with any type of differences with others. You need to learn to express yourself, even if it disagrees with others, for the sake of bottling things up and exploding at a later time.Your energy may be lower than most, but this is because you have difficulty finding your direction. You may be very creative, spiritual and would greatly benefit from any work you do behind the scenes, or of service to others. 

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