Monday, December 2, 2013


Jupiter expands what it touches, adds optimism and the grandiose
As always Astrology is a Science of probabilities, assuming there are no other aspects to hold back Jupiter's positive abundant energy then these would be some of the benefits.

Jupiter in the 1st House

You are known for being optimistic, philanthropic and perhaps philosophical. You are lucky in pretty much all that you do. You are likely to be tall, or some are big boned. If other aspects apply you will love adventure, learning new things. You are fair and generous by default, always a ray of sunlight to be around. You can be boastful, or sure of yourself because you trust in the greater order of things. You may be religious or at least spiritual and bring a sense of optimism to all that you meet.

Jupiter in the 2nd House

Lucky you! You have more than a possibility of being wealthy or at least earning a decent income and always having what you need. You have a strong confidence and self-worth. You enjoy the nice things life has to offer and may accumulate a lot of things of value. If other aspects apply you can be very wealthy. Many famous people have Jupiter here or in the 10th, regardless it is an indication of having everything you need. You are likely to be very generous since you are aware of your ability to obtain financial success.

Jupiter in the 3rd House

You may have many siblings and come from a large family. You have big ideas and may have trouble putting them into place. You are lucky in areas such as communication, writing, computers, or commerce. You love to go out and about for mini adventures. You love powerful engaging conversations. You are in a constant flux of learning, seeking out information and answers. You are intelligent but can be overly confident and boastful in communications. However, you are always positive and if you are down no one would know it. You seem to be in right place at the right time and have a lot of luck with your immediate environment. You are likely to meet Lot's of people in your local travels and need a partner that is communicative. You are probably good looking and attract people to you through your positive outlook.

Jupiter in the 4th House

You may have a large family or grew up in a large family home. If it was not large it was full of warmth and optimism and you always had everything you needed. You are optimistic and positive in all that you do. You may have luck in family relations, finding your ideal home and any business that is in the real estate, home or family heritage business.

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