Sunday, December 1, 2013


Capricorns are a deep well of sexuality that can often go untapped if their partners cannot gain their deeper trust. While the sexual skill levels are often typically high when it comes to the mechanics of performance, the passion can be lacking for all but those partners who know how to unlock this deeply hidden sexual reserve. Capricorns are cautious and rarely let their emotions show. This guard is usually up, but those who can manage to break through it can find a wealth of hidden intensity and emotion buried under the surface of what seemed to be an aloof and even cold individual. Some astrologers believe that Capricorn has the highest sex drive of all of the signs, though this is hard to tell from the surface persona as Capricorns tend not to like public displays of affection or exhibitionist sex where other people might catch them. Capricorns are often emotionally detached from sex and slow to open up to new people, which allows many of them to experiment to some degree and perhaps to even enjoy their experiences more as they can focus purely on the sensations of sexuality itself without becoming psychologically entangled right away – this takes longer to happen with this sign.

 Capricorns can be surprisingly kinky when given the opportunity and the right partner. They often enjoy a bit of power imbalance (in bed only – not in day to day life, where they prefer either to be dominant themselves or in egalitarian situations), in which they run to an extreme, preferring either to be very dominant or very submissive to a dominant partner who takes charge of the situation, though some may be too self-conscious or shy to ever really let themselves go and experiment sexually. Capricorns are the type to appear very reserved, classy, and unapproachable in public and be intense, sexual dynamos in private if they manage to let themselves go and get over an inherent conservatism that most of them struggle with. Many Capricorns become better at letting go as they get older; this is a sign that tends to age in reverse, being more serious and seeming older when they are young and becoming younger and more playful as they get older. Like Virgos, they tend to maintain a youthful look as they grow older and to enjoy an enhanced sexuality.

Turn-ons: traditionally sexy garments such as garter belts and stockings, usually in shades of black, worn under classy clothing, power games or power imbalance situations

Most desired qualities in a sexual partner: reliability, practicality, trustworthiness, seriousness, intensity, high sex drive, intelligence, depth, ambition, class, dignity, a dark sense of humor, self-control, willpower, humility

Turn-offs: embarrassing public displays, emotional scenes, small talk, surprises, trashy or low-class surroundings.

Least desired qualities in a sexual partner: flightiness, shallowness, unreliability, unpredictability, egotism, a lack of ambition, a slovenly appearance, drama queens or kings, a lack of intelligence, laziness, a lack of self-control, a lack of class, embarrassing, trashy, low sex drive.


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