Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Johnny Depp has Mercury Square Mars
Tremendous mental power and quick wit are a result of having this aspect. The ability to quickly assess a situation, conversation or mental task are remarkable, and even more so remarkable is the ability to quickly respond so powerfully and intelligently. While younger you were extremely driven for knowledge and learning. You were able to skim many subjects at a time and retain much of what you read. This knowledge is now readily available at any given moment. You keep conversations lively and appreciate a good mental challenge. You are passionate when you speak some can say forcefully. You can come up with entire scenarios at the drop of the hat and are quite good at relaying it quickly and powerfully. 

You may feel frustrated when you are not understood mostly because you are impatient. You don't like to repeat the same thing over and over. Some people with this aspect talk really fast and have an excessive amount of mental energy. 

You are constantly seeking new information. You are never passive aggressive you say what you mean and you mean what you say.

Active Mars is in the house of mind, you are likely to be quite knowledgeable, but more importantly able to say things in a clear and direct way. You need a lot of mental stimuli and enjoy communicating about many different subjects.

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