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ARIES: MAY 2014 Monthly Horoscope

Hello Aries! The month of May is gonna be a great month for you! There are some pitfalls but if you utilize your transits to the max you can get quite ahead in most areas of your life. The reason is Your self-confidence is at a all time high. In your wish to expand, you contemplate far-reaching goals that could lead you to climb the highest mountain- either literally or symbolically. You are feeling liberated. You are eager to generously share your knowledge. And because you impress others as being full of life, enthusiasm and exuberance, you draw much attention and luck to yourself.

In a wish to discover your own truth you are likely to revolutionize your personal appearance and it will be a double dose this month. Your insistence on independence could lead you to creating your own style. 

Your need for freedom, happiness and excitement are so enhanced that you may walk away from that which has become to stale or predicable in your life. 

Venus Enters Aries May 9th, 2014

May 9th Venus enters your sign. Lucky You! All eyes on your! You will feel a sudden urge to increase your sex appeal even if you are one to make sure you are always perfect this will be even more so. This transit usually instigates change or a more than normal desire to beautify often times by changing your look, or paying more attention to yourself and your own personal needs. You will be focused on things that make you feel good this is the house of the physical body so things such as: massages, perhaps a make-over, or   change of hair style or color, updating your wardrobe, and or simply behaving in a more sensual charismatic way. 

This upgraded or new found confidence will draw in many admirers so if your single this is a great time to get out to meet someone. Other's will take notice, and will be more than happy to do favors for you, so go ahead and ask! You may even find great discounts on any beauty treatments or perhaps even free through a gift. Venus gives gifts and while in the 1st house they will be for your personal appearance, physical body, and over all personality. This is when you want to feel sexy and to treat yourself to luxury. 
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If Venus is afflicted during transit then you may not want to get to carried away. 

If you are single? it is very possible you will meet someone  very special during this time- because Venus is not only turning on the charm and attraction. She will also be opposing your 7th house of Marriage/Partners. This effect works like a magnet drawing people to you. Your social life will pick up which is certain to increase your opportunity to meet a love interest. If you are not looking to meet anyone and are already in a happy relationship. Then your relationship will experience a boost of romance, so enjoy it.

II Money 

Beginning within the 1st week of May you will have the pleasure of experiencing the transiting Sun conjunct Venus which will occur in your Second house of earned income or personal items. This is a excellent transit and it's looks like you will be getting something new that you will be excited about. This could also indicate a raise or a new source of income becoming available to you. Whatever the case Venus bestows gifts and this Conjunction is likely to be just what you wanted. May will have it's share of minor setbacks but also some fantastic opportunities and big leaps ahead. 

III Relationships with siblings, neighbors, cousins: with Mercury the messenger making it's transit through your 3rd house. You may spend more time than usual on the road running errands or taking short business trips for work. If you have siblings you make be interacting with them more than usual. If Mercury is inflicted there is a possibility for minor conflicts but nothing serious. You may have more paperwork or take on a new side project that requires you to communicate more than usual. If you are a writer you will come up with some new fresh ideas during this time.  Communicating is much sharper.

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IV Home- Jupiter Transiting the 4th house

With all the solar and lunar eclipses happening in your fourth house of home big changes are on the way in the home front. It is likely that you will change your living circumstances at some point within 2014 or if you own a home you may be making big upgrades, repairs or additions. There is a emphasis on your relationships with your parents and are likely to better understand your roots and who you really are. Making home improvements or a desire for a much larger space or closer association with family is the theme for most of the remaining year of 2014. This transit also favors working at home, you will be likely to make money during this time from any business that you start at home. Continued....


Relationships will be the focus you will be exerting much energy into this area and by the time Mars goes direct If you are single you may have a second chance with a ex or you may meet someone rather special when Mars turns direct. In business you are likely to acquire a new client that maybe you haven't had success with in the past that has come back to review. Continued.. 


This month the heavens help you implement essential changes you may have thought about for a long time. This help will come in the form of an auspicious trine (120 degree angle) between Jupiter and Saturn. This cosmic green light receives additional fuel when Mars stations direct on May 19th 2014, the same week the trine becomes most exact. These energies combine to provide an opportunity to give practical, real world form (Saturn) to your vision of positive expansion (Jupiter.) Jupiter gives gifts to whatever he touches with faith and the enthusiastic vision of what is possible. Saturn works with the material world; the nuts and bolts of physical reality. When these fundamental powers harmonize you can more easily set events in motion to bring your dreams into fruition. Any possible relationship issues should be worked on before Mars goes direct. If you have been seeing someone but were unsure where it may go, things will come into focus with Mars direct and any actions that have been withheld will more than likely come forward. 

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