Friday, April 4, 2014


      Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an LEO
July 23rd to August 22. Element: Fire, Fixed, Male.

Above all Leo represents Pride and Ego. He wants to shine and be noticed. He is a natural performer, brings a little sunshine wherever he goes. They are entertaining, warm and generous. The Leo man is a prideful man, that has very high standards of himself and others. He needs to feel appreciated and even admired to feel his best. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is the center of the Universe, they like to be the center of attention and need admiration both in life and in their relationships. 

They are very sensitive to criticism, they are like a child needing attention and can be easily hurt. Leo's can be very materialistic even if they act as if they are not. 

They prefer the finer things in life and don't have a problem with their lady going ahead and getting it for them. They can be jealous of what others have, and need a woman that doesn't mind treating them like a king.

 So if you are trying to land one, I would suggest you encourage him as much as possible and don't be afraid to compliment, it's necessary and expect him to be a bit demanding with, the attention and even material things. 

We all need love to grow and Leo is no exception, he needs lot's of love and appreciation. Leo Men are quite intelligent and they are excellent communicators with a very creative mind. 
They are lovers and are in love with Love. You can never tell them enough, "how wonderful" they are. 

Contrary to what they may appear, they are very sensitive and even insecure. They are loyal when they are fulfilled in love, meaning that their partner is supportive of all their lofty dreams, and encouraging when they feel down. 

They also need a lot of affection and encouragement and can be easily depressed when things don't go their way. The Sun needs to shine, and so do Leo's, they are happy to make you feel just as good in return. 

They are quite the show stopper, just look at their sexy smile. There is something about a Leo's smile that can light up a room and sweep you right off your feet. You can't help but Love a Leo for their positive energy, vibrancy, creativity and style. 

They are the Kings of the Zodiac, or so they think. They carry themselves with an air of glamor, honor and respect. They have high standards of what's right and wrong and will usually shine the light on any wrongs they see.

 They are honorable or at least strive to be. Some can be arrogant or haughty these are the less evolved Leos that can be egocentric and self-centered and even more selfish, than an Aries. 
If you land one of those, I wish you luck. However, most are not this way. If you give them enough love, and appreciation they will in turn give you passion, fun, and romance. 
Although they seem as if they are overly confident, and they may toot their own horn don't misinterpret it as egoism, it's really much more like a child that needs to be loved and adored, and even the center of attention. It's innocent  he always means well.

 If you can capture this king of the jungle,  he's a fabulous lover so there is a reward.

More on the Leo Man in love click here for the audio insights

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