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The composite Sun is where the couple shines together. Where they are confident and where they feel the greatest praise as a couple.

Sun in 1st House: 

This shows a couple that strongly identify with one another and their impact as a couple is powerful. Things tend to be activated in the environment with a 1st house composite Sun.  In general, people are affected by this couple and the strength and style of their impact can be easily observed with the composite Sun sign. The composite Sun in the 1st house couple likes to shine where ever they go. You are both reliant on each other for encouragement and tend to give it freely. You feel good when you are out and about together and are likely to attract many admirers that feel the Sunlight you both shine together. You are likely to be an outgoing and talkative couple. You feel better together than you do apart.

Sun in 2nd house: 

The Sun in 2nd house couple has shared values and focus upon money, spending and finances in general. You are both likely to be self-sufficient and having and acquiring things are of importance to you.  However, the relationship may be overly focused on all that is dependable and trusted and with much focus going into what you have as a couple. You both like the nice things in life and feel better in when you can go out and spend money. You tend to care a lot about what others think of you as well, always trying to appear financially well off.  The orientation of this partnership may be material, but you are also both likely to have similar values and interests as well. You can both end up working together in a business type of relationship as well. You will both probably be very complimentary to each other as well increasing both of your confidences. Be careful not to make money or things too much of a priority or you will miss out on the better part of a relationship. You also may run the risk of resenting each other if one needs to take on more of the financial responsibility than the other.

Sun in 3rd House:

Indicates that communication is the focus of the partnership you both like to keep things intellectual somewhat discussing many subjects of mutual interest. The 3rd house also relates to local transport, messages, writing, commerce, and siblings.You will both be an active couple that is involved in travel, witty conversations, and lots of newspapers, books and magazines around the place.  Socializing and networking will be the center of their lives. You will enjoy talking and sharing information finding that you have much in common in areas of interest.

Sun in 4th house: 

A domestic focus is primary area in this relationship will shine in. When the Sun is placed in the heart of the house mutual concern for family and relatives is an another primary drive. The couple may come from the same family background and there may be strong familiarity between them both. Both families may play a large role in the relationship and the focus is on nurturing, feeding and providing. You love to be home together or enjoy spending time with the family. You are nurturing and caring with each other. Making sure each of you feel safe and taken care of. You will want to set up home together if you do not live together already. Living together will be quite pleasant.

Sun in 5th house: 

A strong romantic and dramatic couple with a powerful focus on children and creativity. Having fun and being creative perhaps playing games with each other and entertaining will be the focus. You may both also enjoy being around children. Being romantic and playful comes naturally to you both. You both may be in the arts or some type of entertainment related field or may want to do something together. Others may notice your style and drive for front and center or attention. However, as a couple you come across and a very fun loving pair that others will like to be around. Fun and pleasure will be what you strive to spend most of your time as a couple doing.

Sun in 6th house: 

The energy of the relationship usually flows into everyday life and you find that you both are able to accomplish a lot together. The core of the relationship is about serving each other and others in some practical way. The 6th house is known as the house of healing, and the relationship may serve to heal not only others but the couple themselves. Also, there may be a shared love of skill and craft. The 6th house doesn’t necessarily involve boring responsibilities; don’t forget that this is Mercury’s natural house. The composite Sun in the 6th house suggests a relationship which needs to “do” something useful in life. 

Sun in 7th: This relationship indicates a primary focus on sharing, diplomacy and romance. As a couple, the drive is towards harmony and through operating as a single unit to attract others. It's important for this partnership to find social connections with others. The relationship may be bound up to the public in some way. Rob Hand believes that this placement predisposes couples to marriage. However, Liz Greene believes that this is more of a statement for others to acknowledge the relationship itself and it is not always based on romantic reasons. The feedback is vitally important and the couple may live through others.

Sun in 8th House: The relationship may be private and deeply intimate. Transformation is the core purpose behind this relationship. You will both easily share your resources with each other since the  focus is on joint resources. As a couple, you are thrown into periodic crisis and may as part of the development, deal with difficult emotional issues. The relationship may even be a taboo or secret liaison or involving many sexual compulsions. Dramatic situations are likely to occur unless both of you are evolved enough to handle the type of intensity and sudden crisis this relationship provides. Deep transformation is ahead for both of you. Others may see you as a couple they can share there deeper problems with being careful not to let others drain you.

Sun in 9th House: As a couple exploration and travel will be very important to your overall fulfillment. You both tend to be optimistic together seeking out new adventures and new studies in higher learning. You may enjoy studying all things philosophical or learning and studying religion or culture and even conspiracy. The relationship will expand personal horizons causing an urge in you both to explore the world together. The meaning behind you two getting together is central around a growth in consciousness.

Sun in 10th House: This may indicate a couple focused on their careers, or even working together. However, it is much more than that, it is feeling good in the public together. You will both be driven towards public achievement in some way. It's also an indication of a highly sociable couple that enjoys going out and entertaining and being entertained. You both motivate each other and enjoy each other's company a great deal. When you are out as a couple people take notice of the confidence you both exude which in turns earns the respect of others. People will likely approve of your relationship if other aspects apply.

Sun in 11th House: When the composite Sun falls in the house friendship it looks like you guys will be great friends. You will be supportive of each others goals and even have many of the same interest and ways of going about the things you want in life. You will be each other's number one fan always supporting the other. You will love talking and hanging out. Humanitarian, political and group activities may be a large part of your involvement together. As a couple you may both share similar interests and goals, and the relationship may lose some its individuality as the life-force of the partnership is placed in the 11th house sector of humanity, its people and the collective.

Sun in 12th House: This is another indicator of a possible secret affair and the relationship is kept hidden for various reasons. The relationship may involve a sacrifice of some kind. The energy of the relationship is sometimes given to spiritual values, compassionate causes and it may even be difficult to keep a clear sense of boundaries in this relationship. A 12th house Sun is often a medium for the larger collective and the couple have to give something up.

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