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Neptune was the god of the sea, and relates to all things mystical, impressionable, shifting, changing and hard to define or lacking in boundaries. with the more negative it can show lies, deciet, confusion and longing. It's easy to get lost with Neptune it's where we all come together. Neptune in synastry, ones natal or by transit mystifies our lives, can bring confusion and open us up to being taken advantage of but we almost don't care because of the magical feelings of elation, deep compassion, magic, glamour and dreamlike time, is oh so worth it. Or is it? Sometimes Neptune can bring us so high then suddenly and unexpectedly ( usually there were signs) slammed on our face. When your flying high the fall hurts but we are not to care the good deeds will pay in full when God finds it right. Neptune drowns us and carrys us away in his magical current, we easily get swept away see things a bit more colorful and are much more willing to comprimise and help others. and our connection with those things unseen, our spirituality. Our boundaries are blurred or suddenly not as important as our purpose. Under a Neptune transit we typically feel a  with it's glamour and promises of perfection. We become much more sensitive, compassionate and accepting. Our boundaries become confusing
  the shape shifter, the illusion, the lover, the compassionate, the dreamer, the other side of life, the spiritual world. Whoa that's a lot and as lovely as it is it can be unnerving. You just aren't certain with Neptune I mean how can you be when he's constantly changing shape because he has no idea who he is. He just knows that he will do whatever it takes you make you believe, and he can't let you down, even if it breaks your heart:0

With Neptune we don't see things clearly because we are blinded or perhaps simply less judgmental our boundaries are lowered or more open. We typically feel more compassion, understanding, empathy and the down side is uncertainty, lack of clarity and boundaries.

Neptune in the 1st house

The empath. You are very sensitive and compassionate. You are much like a  psychic sponge in any environment you enter. You can easily get along with all types and fit into pretty much anywhere. 

You have a magical or illusive quality about you that others may find difficult to understand. You may have stardom looks or a glow to your skin. You may have a changeable look in which others seem to describe you much different than you actually are, or you may not photograph as you really are, you have a chameleon like changeable appearance and each person may view you as they wish for better or worse.

You can easily pick up the moods, feelings and needs of those close within your range and therefore you have intuitive knowledge that can offer support in the way that others need. 

You need to be careful whom you let into your environment for negative people can have a dire effect on your well-being and overall health, however because energy seems to pass through you, you can absorb pain and illness from others aiding them in healing. You are a healer. 

You see life through the magical lense of anything is possible and are very supportive of others. Neptune is intuitive and even psychic so you are likely strongly both of these. You may struggle with setting boundaries with others.
Early on you may have tried to be everything to everyone, always willing to lend a helping hand. You may not see yourself as you actually are and this is true for how others view you.  environment. 

You may feel drained after engaging with others or large crowds. You are very sensitive to your partners moods and may have difficulty separating yours from theirs but make a very sensitive and caring partner. 

You are great at mimicking others, would make quite a good actor or actress or anything in the dramatic arts. Other's have difficulty making you out who you are because you have not defined yourself. 

Your Karma is to learn to have expectations of others, and that you do not need to be everything to everyone. Use your sensitivities.

It's best if you choose to help others through charity or groups.

Neptune in the 2nd house

When it comes to money you either lack the desire or have idealistic ideas about it. You have a artist flair, and love things that make you feel at peace and are pleasurable. 

You enjoy fine things but not necessarily things of financial value as much as sentimental value. Money is a means for you to help others, and you can be quite generous, and even careless. 

Early on, It is possible for you to be taken advantage of for your generosity so you need to be careful about who you trust. 

Realize that money is important it is a means to a means, it is also responsible for your freedom and allows you many choices, it's not all about how much you give to others, although there is nothing wrong with being generous, it's a beautiful trait, just don't give too much. Your self esteem may be based on what you can give. 

Neptune in the 3rd house

You are very creative and may find yourself often daydreaming, of how the world might be a better better place if.., or how you wish things actually were, you have a poetic and colorful mind and might be rather inspiring when you speak. 

You are kind and sensitive in your speech with others, and are probably quite creative in areas such as writing, communicating, and cerebral matters. 

You may experience many misunderstandings with others, or you may not quite understand yourself this is especially true early on. You have a great imagination and might be musically inclined, enjoy writng poetry, screen plays or books.  You are a idealist when it comes to things that you want, and you may be on a spiritual adventure of some-sort, feeling as if you are led in life by a spiritual  guide and you are the messenger. 

Neptune in the 4th house

Your early childhood may be somewhat nebulous or unclear, and you may have had strange early altercations with members of your family that were hard to define. 

One or both of your parents may have been absent in some form, or preocupied. if not in person than absent in nurture or there was a lot of misunderstanding between you and your parent, or perhaps you felt invisible or unheard. 

Home may have been spiritual or religious. You have learned to use your imagination and creativity as a form of release and making yourself feel secure. 

You may have experienced some paranormal activity at home, or have a interest in all metaphysical and spiritual leanings. 

You have a deep yearning for close family contacts, and you may have had to sacrifice much for them or may feel like a drifter in life.

Neptune in the 5th

You are a very creative person and will do quite well in the art of acting, or any area where creativity is needed. 

In love you yearn for the ideal, and may tend to gloss over others problems or weakness in the quest to find the ideal. 

You may need to make sacrifices for love, or at least find that you often do. Children are a area of sensitivity for you and you feel deep compassion for children that are abandoned, or less fortunate and may choose to adopt.

 If you have your own children there is a possibility that your children will be very creative as well, or on the downside the possibility of them getting lost in drugs or alcohol, since Neptune also rules escapism. Learning to build boundaries and setting realistic expectations can help ease the negatives of Neptune.

Neptune in the 6th house

Defining your day to day activities or sticking to a schedule is not something easy for you to do, you may tend to get distracted from any routine activity. You have a unusual way of sifting the wheat from the chaff' or perhaps find more things of value than not. You tend go rely on your intuition, and probably pick up energies from your co-workers or work environments. Your co-workers could be needy or vague, and could possibly work against you. Your health may be weak, or your illnesses may be vague and unexplainable, but you tend to recover when you have faith that you will. 


  1. i have neptune in my 6th and 7th house in Sagitarius. Actually, there is no planet fall on my 7th house. Now i realized that the neptune in 6th cause me to be a psychic sponge. I easily absorb energy either positive or negative from my work surrounding. I could sense some negative energies among my colleagues who have bad intention towards me. That the reason i'm always isolated and distance from them. I need a good working environment to survive in that place. Now i know the reason that neptune in 7th house cause delayed in committed relationship. I easily get involved in clandestine relationship and sometimes i took the relationship for granted if someone suggested me to get married. Could neptune in 7th house getting married in future? I always fell in love with the wrong guys.

  2. Hi Aida:) having Neptune in both 6th and 7th would affect both houses, and yes it makes sense that you are a psychic sponge at work, and perhaps even give to much at work or daydream too much:0, Neptune swings so may ways, he's nebulous, and constantly shifting. I haven't seen it delay marriage, i know many that have it in their 7th and are married or have been, some have been disillusioned after years of being married finding out their partner was having a affair, some had affairs themself. It would depend on aspects neptune is making in your chart to other planets, and also look at where neptune is transiting or venus when you get into this Clandestine affairs. Perhaps you started them with Venus transiting the 12th?. In either case Neptune will make you want the ideal, and sometimes your ideal happens to be married:( but yes, Neptune blurs things and in the 7th house he can betray you in partnerships. You need to put on your bifocals, and ask yourself, is this Neptune, fogging my glasses? then set your "ideal expectations" to be, someone not married! that might help you since you like the ideal:) Now we know, that your ideal is NOT married and go from there:)


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