Sunday, September 8, 2013



If you are a late degree Libra Ascendant then you may want to also read the sign in your 1st house in your case it would be Scorpio for purpose of transit timing.

This month is about doing what you do best and that is developing relationships with others, or developing the ones you have. You have had the great boosting power of Jupiter pushing you in the lime light at work, or in career areas. Lot's has transpired there for many Libra's. Now, you can expect the same in areas of friends and the groups or associations. This is a excellent month to network and get involved in some group or organization, perhaps some Charity of choice. You will be spending much more time with the friends you do have and many that you may have lost touch may come back to regain contact. The great thing about the 11th house is it's the house of friends, hopes and wishes and with all these planets gathered up in this house, get wishing! Jupiter is the great benefactor and you can expect your social group to expand far and wide. Plus you have the Sun and Mercury Joined in with Venus! I mean you are going to be quite the social lite, how fun! If there is anything that you have been wanting to get approval on or perhaps some project you need to continue that you started while Jupiter was in your 10th of career. Now is a good time to get it out on all th social networks or places where people meet. You are likely to gain favor from the many. 

You do need to take good care of your health now by getting plenty of rest and eating right. With Neptune's transit into your 6th house of health it's not uncommon to feel fatigued or to experience some autoimmune issues, sudden allergies or things of such. If you have been taking care of your health up until now then you should not have any problem. Perhaps instead you might struggle with the details or blur the lines when it comes's to what's worthy or not, your attention to detail might find it's way more in line with art that procedure. You are likely to find value in more things at this time,and perhaps won't be as specific as you have been. You're work may take on a much more creative role, Neptune's good side is he likes to idealize, so you may end up in your ideal job.


You are in the middle of a huge coming out phase. You have been digging deep within you and having your core rattled to the bone with Pluto in your 4th, You will emerge as a new you. You are redeveloping your inner strength, this serves to empower you in the long run and can be quite empowering this transit in itself. Let what needs to go, go and difficult as that sounds there really is no other way. 

Areas of Finances most of you have made cut backs or received them, you are learning to live with less, for the time being which is really to try to get you to restructure your finances, many of you that have been carrying credit card burden, might need to try to focus on a plan. This transit serves to restructure your finances.  You may have been getting by on much less lately or building up a stash of cash depending on how responsible you have been with money in the past. None the less you can expect a overhaul of your values, and money and by the end up Saturn's transit here you should be in tip top financial shape.

However, your Career has experienced quite a boost and many of you even began Ventures of your own. This month it's about building your network and getting involved with others, with all these planets gathered in your 11th house of friends, groups and associations you can expect a new click of people supporting you. You may develop new friends during this time, and others will be spending more time out with Friends. Your social life will pick up and if you did start a new business this can be great. You have the approval of the groups so do what you can with it.


  1. I actually did start a business! And the last few weeks I've been social like never before, lol. Great horoscope, thank you!

    1. Fantastic! great to hear! I'm wishing you much success!!!! Xo