Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Synastry: Sun in your Partners Houses

Sun in your Partners 1st house- A lot alike

You and your partner have a lot in common and probably mesh really well together. The sun person is likely to invigorate the house person by encompassing similar behavior styles and ways of going about things. You will probably have the same energy level and will both find that your self-esteem or belief in your self-increases through your association. In a love relationship, you are really good with each other and very complimentative of each other's positive qualities.

Sun in your Partners 2nd house- I like to compliment you!

This is a much more powerful aspect than given credit for because feeling confident around someone is a very good feeling and can do a lot for a person's self-worth. The Sun person will find the house person as someone they admire and in return, the house person will receive an increase in self-esteem. The Sun person makes the house person feel more talented and much more special than most. The house person is likely to in turn show their appreciation for their financial generosity. The Sun person can help the house person recognize their creativity and put it to use in the working world. The Sun person may also run the risk of being financially dependent on the house person or even to a certain degree expectant. This is where problems can occur the house person may feel taken advantage of if the Sun person accepts too much. There is an admiration for each other that is prevalent. This placement can be turned around to where the house person is the one reliant on the Sun person. This position promotes good feelings and an increased self-esteem. Financial security will be important to the both of you and you are both likely to be generous with each other.

Sun in your Partners 3rd house- I communicate with you

When your Sun is in your partner's 3rd house you will both have similar intellectual interests. You both value each other's intelligence and perspective in life. You may have many long nights staying up talking to each other about many different topics. The Sun person is likely to make the house person feel understood and appreciated. They could make excellent writing partners if that is of interest or anything that requires communication. They will probably think the same on the same topics and there shouldn't be too many misunderstanding unless other aspects apply. The mental connection will be strong.

Sun in your partner's 4th house- I feel at home with you

This is often felt as an instant connection. The Sun person will feel very comfortable talking about deep, sensitive family issues with the house person. The house person provides the Sun with a safe place to talk about intimate issues. In some cases, you feel like family from the start. The Sun person may remind the house person of a family member. This is an excellent position for building a home together because of the level of care for the other.

Sun in your Partners 5th house- I feel invigorated with you

This is a very invigorating position for the Sun and the house. This is the house of Fun, love, romance, children, games, and sport. You will be very active together, pushing each other to have more fun. Every day is a party here or at least you desire one. You will both enjoy playing and having fun together, perhaps even taking risks. The downside to this position is that the level of thrills expected when not met can cause the couple to burn out or feel frustrated with each other. This is because the both of you are somewhat overindulgent and it is hard to keep up over the long run. There is usually a strong attraction between both people and a genuine level of care you actually have a lot of fun together, which feels much like the early stages of a relationship. As long as you both can keep it fun, you should enjoy each others company for the long haul.

Sun in your Partners 6th house- I like to help you

This is the house of work, health, and daily routine, but it is also the house of separating the good from the useless. The Sun person may be particular about the way the Sun goes about handling the daily chores and tasks, where the Sun person may show the house person a more efficient way of doing this. The house person may look to the Sun person for advice on health issues or better ways of doing things. This is also the house of service so sometimes one partner can end up being more of a caretaker, finding themselves doing everything for the house person. Sometimes it is the other way around. Your interaction tends to be based on the technicality of things or focused on health and cleanliness. They run the risk of making big deals out of nothing or picking apart the way each other does things in the negative. Otherwise, they will enjoy doing the day to day tasks together without discordance and will be more conscious about looking good and taking care of themselves. Their conversations may also revolve around work, and the relationship can take on a systematic approach.

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