Monday, December 30, 2013

SYNASTRY:Saturn Square or Opposite Sun

Sun, Saturn hard Aspects in synastry, can be very magnetic at first but later it can make you feel like you are on the hot burner, constantly being under scrutiny or judgment. You are much more conscious of your behavior around the Saturn person. Audio Version of Saturn in Synastry click here.

First things first there is usually a strong attraction between the two and a feeling that this relationship will be very serious.

If played out positively the Saturn person can help the Sun person refine their personality, or the way they present themselves to the world, or if the Sun is much younger help them grow up. However, negatively, it can show up in the form of suppression, criticism, censoring,  callousness, meanness, judgment, and suppression. 

Some people respond to critique well and others don't, it all depends on the individual involved. Most People need encouragement to be more confident and to grow, however, there is something about Saturn that does not go about things this way, that's more Jupiter's role. Saturn is serious, and this is especially true if the Saturn person has Saturn in hard aspect to any of their personal planets. If they do not then this aspect can be quite binding and growth-oriented in many ways.

Saturn in synastry seems to restrict the natural expression of the planet he touches and comes off critical or suppressed in the hard aspects. 

The positive aspects such a the trine or sextile are much more productive because although they have standards, they don't try to force you into them, by being negative or critical.

If you have other pleasant aspects such as Sun + Moon or Sun + Venus, then these can certainly help by adding softness and diplomacy to the environment.

If the Saturn person does not have hard aspects from Saturn to any of their personal planets than it is likely the more positive side will play out, where the couple will be supportive of each other's growth. This could also simply indicate a large age difference between the two and the Saturn person plays the more serious adult/parental role in the relationship. 

Even so, Saturn hard aspects work best with partners that either has hard Saturn aspects themselves or are a Capricorn Sun, Moon, Venus or Ascendant, where the lack of compliments, affection or positive support wouldn't be as necessary.

The Saturn person can come across as the authoritarian, may be bossy, cold or suppressive in some way. The problem is that the Saturn person wants the Sun person to behave differently, or is not as confident as the Sun person, and in some cases, the Sun person is just plain immature.

Truly, in the end, All of this depends on the personal natal charts of the individuals in order to truly depict how this aspect will play out in synastry.

In general, there is either a warm, safe feeling with the person or a suppressive, critical feeling.

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  1. Great post, i both feel we are somehoe meant to be, but I feel blocked, its weird (we have been flirting for a year)! How would you interpret Sun opposite Saturn double whammy? We also have other heavy aspects chiron conjuct sun double whammy, moon opposite moon..