Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Neptune in your Partners 1st house

Neptune in your Partners 1st house: Your so dreamy

The Neptune person will be very sensitive to the feelings of the house person, which may lead to confusion and misunderstandings. On one hand, you are both likely to have a surreal interaction, where the house person may appear as the ideal or dream to the Neptune person. The Neptune person may also appear this way to the house person. There is a possibility of deception since you both won't see each other clearly. There is a concern of over-idealization taking place rather than seeing each other as you are. This placement can cause some strange confusions to permeate the relationship. It is important that you both pay attention closely and ask many questions for clarity to not make assumptions, but do not pass them by as well. On the positive you will both gloss over problems for the sake of peace with each other, and you will have a very deep physical connection bordering on the ethereal. You may not know where you begin and the other ends. The Neptune person needs to be careful to not overdo it or make excuses for things that otherwise they wouldn't. The house person is likely to bring out the compassionate side of the Neptune person and may be tempted to take advantage. If both people are mature in their interaction this can be a highly romantic placement where the attraction to each other never fades because you see each other in a glamorous light.


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