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Pluto transits are dramatic! and where ever we see Pluto in our chart, whether by Transit or Natal is where we will find eruptions, blow ups, power struggles, or upheaval. Pluto strips down to the core and what you find down below or underneath it all, is in the end a new empowered you. 

Pluto Transits Conjunct Ascendant- Transits the 1st house

During this transit, you will yield a lot of power. You will find that others are more willing to go along with your desires. You will feel empowered. It is also possible for you to meet a special person, that can offer you many opportunities. You may come across wealthy and powerful people. 

Everything in your life for the next 12-14 years will change and the decisions you make along the way are very important to how you will end up. You will be exposed to the underworld, the world where power and money rule it's important that you do not get involved with all the wrong people. Remember, Pluto will tempt you will all that glory and wealth but it's always with a price attached. Handle this new found power with respect.

You will have a strong, powerful and sexy presence and will be quite confident. This is a time to pursue your dreams, especially when it comes to career. You will be ambitious and many amazing opportunities will come your way. It is easy to get caught up in all kinds of Pluto temptations at this time.

People may challenge you, but you won't mind you actually have the upper hand during this time. Pluto's intensity is all throughout your inner being, and you may want to engage in activities, or may be thrown into activities that bring out these Plutonian activities, situations and offers that may require you sell a part of your soul for the offer. This is not always the case, just be wise about who you get involved with at this time.

 It is also possible that you come across controlling or dominating during this transit this is becasue you are not much afraid of anything now. 

There will be a subtle influence working within you that can open the door to power-trips, temptations, and situations that challenge you. You will have a desire for more power within your environment. You may experience a very intense Plutonic relationship, that will test your will on all levels. You will learn about how you use your personal power and it's effects.

It's best if you utilize this time to strengthen your convictions, find out who you really are, and by using this empowerment in a positive way to accomplish your goals. 

Try not to fall into the traps of game-playing, manipulation, and power trips, for Pluto can leave quite a disaster in your wake. 

This is a powerful time in your life that can help you discover who you really are, infuse you with the confidence drive and willpower to accomplish a lot. This is a especially powerful transit for career.

Pluto Transits the 3rd house

Your words will have yield a lot more power during this transit. You are brave and confident and willing to speak your mind. 

You may take an interest metaphysical subjects, investigations, research, and things like conspiracies. You want to learn more about everything and you take a special interest in things that are secret or hidden. Do watch out for seeing things negatively or developing paranoia which can be a negative side to Pluto.

You will have focus in everything that you do.  
If you are a writer you can devise a very powerful piece that can make quite an impact. Others are more willing to listen to you because your words "pack a punch". 

This is  a good time to ask for what you want, just try not to be too brutal in your delivery. Be careful not to dominate others, or come across too aggressive. Often Pluto brings about a challenging scenario that pushes us to take charge, or to stand up for ourselves so in some cases you may feel like others are challenging you. This is especially true if you have not been one to speak up in the past. 

Being the house of siblings, neighbors, and local environment as well, you might need to watch out for power struggles in these areas. 

Your powers of concentration will be much more powerful. 

Pluto Transits the 4th house

Changes in the home and family are very likely you will likely move at some point during this very long transit. This transit not only affects the home and family but also on a deeply fundamental level, you will be forced to revisit any early family issues for healing. It can also indicate break downs in the home, so you may need to remodel or update things that are outdated.

This is the house of security, the home base and your foundations and family. Someone in your family can fall ill or even pass away, but this is not usually the case. Pluto seeks to strengthen your core, and a new beginning is likely. 

This can be a very empowering transit, which will allow you to release any old early childhood traumas, or issues within the family for healing.

You will want to learn more about your roots, diving into your family history, remembering past events, and even reliving childhood memories.

It is also possible that you may face powers struggles or underhanded tactics within the family or with anyone in the home. 

A Deep inner transformation will take place over the course of this transit, and although it may not be easy at the end you will feel released and empowered an almost born again feeling to start a new.

Pluto transits the 5th house

This transit can bring out a new found powerful personality. You will be much more agressive or less tolerant in your love life. If you have not been authentic to yourself in the past you will definitley do so now. Dramatic love relationships may come into your life and you may even be attracting these as a result of your behavior. You will want a relationship that is much more intense and passionate and are prone to playing games in order to get the drama you crave. It's also possible you meet a plutonic lover now, that turns your wold upside down. This relationship is likely to change your forever for better or worse as always with Pluto. Watch out for drama and power struggles it's wise to not play into these games. 

If you have children it's possible that they can become problematic, or more dramatic. It's also possible that you can make some very positive changes during this transit and better your relationships, Pluto is about transformation but also personal power. You will be feeling much more confident and less willing to tolerate sacrificing your needs for another in love. Watch out for wanting things your way, being dominating, manipulative and or controlling. 

Pluto Transits the 6th house

You might become more obsessed with neatness, cleanliness or health. It's also possible that a health issue can trigger your desire to be more healthy. Issues with hormones, nervous system, or sexual health might become a focus. You will want a more strict routine and might be obsessed with getting all your daily chores done. At work you might be more demanding, or unrelenting, try to keep this in mind to avoid any potential problems with others.

Pluto Transits your 7th house

Your relationships will be undergoing a deep transformation. You might find yourself becoming less accepting and more demanding during this time. It's also possible that Pluto will uncover any hidden things through your relationships and partnerships. Truths or any secrets about relationships and partnerships can be revield. 

You may be exposed to more wealthy and powerful people during this time. Watch out for Pluto players that may try to control you, expose you or work against you. This is rarely the case, but it's usually to those who have developed enemies along the way. You be exposed to others darker qualites. 

It is also possible that you may choose to engage in some sort of relationship therapy, if necessary. If you are married you may be tested in this area and will be less likely to tolerate some of things that you may have in the past. 

Pluto will purge, or bring to the surface and inner or deeper longings and needs in your relationships. He can also expose any issues within the partnerships. If there are any imbalances within the relationship, they will likely be brought up.  Your relationships with others will demand more transparency and you will likely rid yourself of any superficial relationships. 

Both break ups, divorce and marriage, along with intense love affairs are known to occur during this transit and much of it will depend on your own natal chart specifics and personal karma.

Pluto Transits the 8th house

Your deepest desires and needs are likely to surface during this time. You passion in your relationships and will transform in these areas. Power struggles over money are possible, and strong sexual temptations and desires will likely surface as well. This is Pluto the god of the underworld which represents all our tempations, carnal desires and desire for wealth and power. Watch out for getting involved in a Plutonic relationship, and stear clear of affairs at work. This is a long transit but the repucussions from all you do during it will come back to you. Be sure to act responsibly, no matter how difficult it might be.

Pluto has a way of bringing out of us the things that he punishes us for, much later. If you are married you will likely be tempted, you may come across big money, or investment opportunites. Do you not go in above your head, I have also seen many file for bankrupcy at the end of this transit as a result of their strong need for money and succcess, and keeping up appearances they went in over their head. Also becareful about who you parnter wiht financially during this time. 

This is great time, to look into investments or even find a financial partner or investor, just be wise in whom you choose. You can experience financial highs or losses again this depends on your personal aspects in your natal chart. Don't let your need for power overtake you.

Pluto Transits your 9th house

During this time you will challenge your beliefs, or you may find a new belief system in which you adhere to firmly or even obsessively. You will want to search for truths, and it can become a obsession. It's possible, long distance travel can be problematic, or dealing with forieners can be challenging. This is not always the case, but Pluto will show up in these areas. You can run into arguments with others over religion, politcal views, or philosophical views. 

You may transform your religious or philosophical perspective during this time as well. You will seek answers to life's big questions and enjoy research or continuing your education.

Pluto Transits your 10th house

This is a time where you might experience dramatic situations or stressful situations with employers or generally at work. In some cases, there are major transformations that occur that can be quite dramatic. You will want to succeed now, but you need to be careful of your approach to not come across too bossy, or dominating.

You may face problems with the law, or people in authority, it's also a time where hidden secrets can be exposed publicly and those that wish to slander your reputation can be exposed as well. This is more likely if you were engaging in unethical practises, or have a lot to hide that can be used against you or get you thrown in jail.  If you don't have anything to hide and have been ethical in your life, then their will be nothing for Pluto to expose. Any hidden scandal you have may become public at this time, again this all depends on your own individual karma. 

If none of this is applicable, you might find yourself changing life direction,  in a entirely different field. It's also possible that you can experience career advancement, and even public fame. It's all about Karma as to which way this will turn out.

Pluto Transits your 11th house

This transit will seek to transform the area of friendship and any groups or associations you are a part of. You may develop new and powerful friends, or you may find out things about your current friends that can be dissapointing. You may have to clean house with some of your friends. You may have powerstruggles with your friends. Of course if your friendships are solid and true, then none of this is likely to happen. Pluto exposes what's underneathe it all and see's through facades, so for some this can be painful to see. Negatively, some can experience the death of a friend but this is rarely the case. You may feel the desire to transform the group in some way. You can be a powerful conduit of change within any group or humanitarian projects you are involved. You may even passionately attempt to get involved in any of these. 
You will experience transformation through groups and friendships during this time. You may also experience a transformation within the things you have always hoped and wished for.

Pluto Transits the 12th house

This transit can bring about forces beyond your control and events in which you felt you had no control. Initially you will reflect as you go through your hidden closet of the unconscious. You will learn a great deal about yourself. You will uncover many truths about yourself and uncover any self sabotaging tendancies you may have as well. This is ultimately very positiive although maybe somewhat difficult when you first realize what these are. Some can feel regrets, and sorrows but they learn what not to do in the future and can make very powerful changes. 

Negatively, You may find there are people working behind the scenes against you. Worst case scenario, you can be wrongly accused of something.  It's important that you are cautious in all your dealings with others. It is also possible that many of your unconscious motivations will come to the surface in which you will have a greater understanding of the things that may be holding you back. You may be witness to many power struggles with others, you may also attract people with Pluto in the 12th house natally into your life. It's a great time to seek therapy, healing or spiritual outlets.

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